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I have two G&G Thorpe (split toe) boots - vintage oak calf on double leather and rustic arran grain on dainite, both on last MH71. I personally prefer them to EG split toe boots. That said, I own far more EG models than G&G models, and I prefer EG's Dover to G&G's split toe shoes.
I have not heard from a retailer in this regard. However, I have heard from one employed by Alden in this regard. I suppose it is possible said Alden employee could be mistaken - but I'm betting against it.
It is a last used exclusively for BB - and even at that, sparingly.
This is a good debate. I own EG's 82 and 888 (and others) and JL's 7000 and 8000 (and others). I have more EG models than JL models - by a comfortable margin. JL's 7000 is probably the single best dress shoe last, regardless of maker (JL, EG, etc.). For me, the 7000 easily beats out the 8000. The 82 is a nice last (wore it yesterday - Chestnut Malvern), but I would probably tip the scales in favor of the 888 over the 82 if compelled to make a decision. Sometimes, to...
+100And I own both brands.
I recently tried on the Alden for JCrew color 8 captoe boot (perf tip) in my regular Barrie size. It fit like my other Barrie boots in the same size.
In my experience, sizing at Barney's is a complete crapshoot.
The last hazel model I purchased was returned. The color was flat, lifeless. Probably just a bad batch.
+1 to both points being made.
I'm looking for your thoughts on a few matters: 1. versatility of JL's tobacco suede 2. whether anyone owns the Wallace, William or William II in tobacco suede (and, if so, do you wear them mostly, if not totally, in casual settings?) 3. closeness of color between tobacco and Alden's snuff suede Thanks Gents. Have a good Thursday.
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