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I noticed this listed on some of BB's online EG' offerings: Edward Green Shoes are displayed in UK sizes. Please select 1 size down from your normal size if you wear US Men's size 9, please choose Men's size 8 UK E width is equivalent to a US D width. This has never been the case. Good grief ........ They are shown in US length, and UK width. So if you wear a US9D, online you would select 9E. It will arrive at your house reading 8.5/9 E.
If by formally you mean with suits, yes. And that goes for my Asquiths in Doak and Black.
Appears to be a CC Malvern on the 202. Appears to be Mahogany or Walnut CC. For me, CC oxfords are a curious combo.
I like both brands. I have various models of each brand. I happen to own more EGs than JLs.EG seems to have many more casual offerings than JL. EG comes to mind for dressy offerings and casual offerings. JL, at least for me, comes to mind for dressy offerings (although certainly JL has some casual offerings).It does seem as though EGs are more accessible, particularly with retailers like Skoak being so active on SF. But dealing with JL's Costa Mesa shop is nothing if...
It's puzzling to me how little traffic this thread gets compared to the EG thread.
The 888 last is great, but it is a last I rarely wear casually. It is a true dress last, IMO. If others are looking for footwear to use primarily in casual settings, I would steer clear of the 888.
Great boots - all 3. Like you, I struggle with light colored boots - at least in terms of them seeing much wear.
Two very good choices.
Mole Suede is a nice color. I have it on a Westminster with Dainite on the 202.
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