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Yep - G&G. Nice monk. It is somewhat close in design to G&G's currently offered Carlyle model.
Here is a good example of why I don't understand the black shoe haters. Very well done.
Pleats are a personal decision and neither pleats nor plain front are out of style. I have seen guys look horrible in pleats. I have seen guys look horrible in plain front pants. My suggestion is to have some of each, but to each their own. And then once you reach that decision, you can decide if you should cuff or not cuff (and don't let anyone convince you there is a hard and fast rule on cuffs either). I have my own rules, but I don't pretend they are best for...
The Zug boot is not my thing, but I am glad to hear such positive reports. A unique boot no doubt.
http://shop.zimmermannkim.com/ Anyone ordered from this company lately, or ever? If yes, what does their UK sizing correspond to? In other words, does their UK8 = US8.5 or US9? Does it equal Euro 42? Thanks.
Your skinny heel may mean none of them will fit (as they only come in standard width). That was the case for me - my foot literally came out of the shoe with each step (and I tried 3 sizes).
Working with Skoak is great for MTO EGs. In my experience, Leffot gets beat by many retailers in the CS department.
Nice. Well done.
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