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Those are a great candidate for an Alden restoration and complete refinishing.
I am tts 9.5D, but, for the 1 last, a 10C fits better than a 9.5D. And a 10C is a great fit.
Khaki's is a great shop. The owner is terrifically pleasant to deal with.
I have found unlined shell PTBs to fit more snug than their lined counterparts.
To make things perhaps more confusing, I have Westminsters on the 888 and 202.
Nice score. Given the design and its model number it appears to be the cigar version of the Aberdeen lasted 2145/2146. And a very light cigar at that.
Assuming the numerical designation is correct, they are cigar, albeit a much lighter version. I have complained about Alden's QC. However, I would bet a good bit of money that is not a restored pair that Alden is attempting to sell as new.
The width of pant is a personal style decision. Go with what you believe is best.
You can look inside the shoe to get the last number.
Same as your Hampton shoe size.
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