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Great shoes my friend.My black Chelseas are on D202 and they are classic IMO.
LOLThe Grasmere gets little attention on this thread (although a few days ago it had some), and I am quite impressed that Rydenfan brought it up. The version he is holding - apparently Doak - is also to be coveted.
I have that shoe in whiskey shell. A great shoe.
This for me, as I recall, has been 100% of the time, and is a nice touch.
To each their own.But ...What color of trousers do you wear? Most contend color 8 goes with any color outside of black.
Neutral if you wish to maintain the exact color; brown if you wish to darken them slightly.
This is sound advice, and tough to argue with. However, I would tip the scales in favor of the 990 (or the BB equivalent) as one's first Alden model.
I have had good experiences with numerous Alden retailers. While I wouldn't describe the CS at Leffot horrible, I would describe it as not nearly as good as many others. And I have made purchases there of everything from Alden to EG to a shell watch strap .....
CigarBut both are great....
I own this shoe in whiskey crup on Dainite. It is built like a tank.
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