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I totally agree - the right SA can make a lot of discounts work.
I agree Saphir cordovan cream moisturizes better than Reno, but, in my experience, Reno does not dry out leather, shell or calf. But then again, I only use it sparingly, as with all products.
Possibly, but certainly not if he's part of the "no black shoes, ever" crowd. Sarcasm or not, mdubs does not have too much black.
You don't have too much black. Nice collection.
That is a great boot, and your prices are excellent.
Great tie. I have the same one in Fina weave.
+1I am 42R.
I own the Wells. The Wells in Dark Oak is a very versatile shoe.
There is a place for all three:LW blucherSW blucherSW balmoralIMO, they are different animals, with the SW balmoral easily being the most formal of the three.
There are many factors that play into one's choice of width, and it ultimately comes down to personal style; however, any width from 3-3/8 to 3-3/4 has stood, and will stand, the test of time.
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