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Opinions on the color, and the versatility of the color, of Pewter Misty and/or Pewter Museum?
This is a good way to describe it. I imagine this was intentional by EG to clearly distinguish it from its crust leather.
Sand suede = Tan suede
And I believe their current policy is full payment up front.
You really do need to make it 112.
The shell tassels are on the Aberdeen. I am 100% certain of it.
I know the BB lasts quite well, having owned them all. PM me if need be.
The "official" word is that it starts June 7. 30% off select styles (William I not one of them)
in store and phone only
You are welcome.BB offers some of its offerings in D and E only, and some they offer in A thru E.Most BB SA's know nothing about Alden.
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