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Usually apparent to the naked eye, but if that doesn't work ..... A ruler measurement.
beautifully subtle
What trouser color, if I may ask?
Nice.That model, and its brother in black shell, are business staples.
I agree on the Gianni fitting larger by 1/2 size.
Alden split toe trees or AE full toe trees work just fine.
IMO, you would regret the purchase from day 1.
Agreed - those don't look like cigar to me.
Thanks Aldenwear.UPDATE: As of earlier today I am told by Yenni that JGILBERT will be putting in an order request for this model: Black Shell NST boot, plaza last with commando sole. But It may take some time for Alden to confirm the order request.
There is talk on this thread of selvedge denim from time to time. I found this video entertaining on an otherwise mundane Monday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvymUM8a-NU Don't Do This to Good Jeans -- Self Edge's Experts Bust Selvedge Myths - YouTube
New Posts  All Forums: