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Nice tie.
I don't put plastic toe protectors on any of my shoes or boots, C&J or otherwise.
The two models are quite different:oxford v derbyhampton v barriesingle leather v. double leatherIn short, the Epaulet derby model is mostly a casual shoe - go with it if you are looking to wear it casually.
Congrats. Hope all is well.
The boot is up to $1,284.
I will bet you the final price of those color 4 boots they are on the Tremont.
I own the shoe in color 8 and black shell. Wear them in professional settings mostly.Any oxford in a very light shade can be tricky. In some ways such a shoe contradicts itself (a closed lace shoe in a light color; a formal errr casual shoe, if you will). As for the model in question - whiskey SW - I purchased it a few years ago only to return it as I simply didn't see it playing a role in my wardrobe. Having said that, I nevertheless do maintain a reasonable number...
Like you, I would not classify Bauxite or Old Rose as burgundies.
JL's plum museum may very well be the most attractive burgundy-ish calfskin on the market.
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