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This.It is also a good idea when purchases, even if Domestic, over $1,000 are made.
1st place:Aberdeen for shoes.Plaza for boots (but I like Aberdeen for boots too).
I have westminsters (888) and tassels (184) in the same size - UK9D. But I do tighten my Westminsters more than you do.
I wear black shell casually all the time. Nice NSTs!!
It seems to me that if a guy is willing to spend 700+ on a pair of shell Aldens, he should be willing to spend 700+ on a pair of shell C&J's.
IMO, the Marlow SWB and Marlow PTB are the best brown shell SWB and PTB on the market.
These will work fine.
I own both, and like each of them. And I consider them to serve different functions.The stock 974 is considerably dressier than Leffot's color 8 LWB, IMO.
I roll all my ties for storage. I hang them for approximately 12 hours after each wear before rolling them again. I have never had this issue.
New Posts  All Forums: