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I too like both. Although admittedly nearly all of my calf is non-Alden (but I have some Alden calf and have nothing against it).An argument can be made that a well rounded shoe/boot wardrobe contains shell, calf, scotch grain/country calf, and suede.
Get the 1340 over the AF111. While a stock model, it is a classic.Shoes on the TruB last have always looked a bit off to my eye. But others may like them ...
Looks like color 8 to me. What's the model number inside the boot? I will get to the bottom of it if you provide me that.Whether color 8 or cigar, it is a great boot.FWIW, I would recommend you keep the edging as-is.
Many insightful comments made here.
Both are nice. I prefer the plaza Indys.
I wear D and E widths more or less interchangeably on numerous EG lasts (UK9) - with one exception: 82 last (I need an E width as D is too tight). In my experience, an 82 lasted shoe or boot in D width fits significantly narrower than a shoe or boot in D width on, say, the 888 or 202.I have an 82 lasted bal that is crazy snug - it works because I had it stretched (I only bought them because they were a steal).Axels sells its Galways on the 82 and only in D width. They...
I currently have two Galways on the 82, UK9E.First is dark oak/mink suede on double leather (HAF)Second is bronze antique/black country calf on Dainite.Either can be dressed up or down. As I type I am wearing the dark oak pair with denim.
Both are on the Barrie last. The Dover (first picture) is unlined. The shoes, in terms of overall feel, are completely different. I am not aware of any retailer currently offering the unlined Dover version.
You must like suede, and dovers. Nice collection. By most standards those leathers are plenty nice.
The gent is speaking the truth.
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