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Free shipping and returns - no worries.
No color for me; rather, neutral Saphir cream and nuetral Saphir wax polish.
The Alden style is much better IMO.
If you ever come across a Marlow tassel or penny in brown shell - in a narrow width - let me know.
Nice William II's. I have the 8000 - lasted Luffield in Parisian Brown Museum Calf and the color is delightful.
Splendid - in so many ways.
I got my email shipping confirmation at 12:30pm central time. Gotta like that.
Good call.With respect to the Van LHS, those who have a low instep (count me among them) have an advantage.
Many similarities to Exmoor, some differences. The barneys version doesn't look like the 348 to me (which is fine with me). I missed the same link posted above .... Anyone have this model? If so, what C&J color is it? Last?
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