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The difference is night and day: from marginal to very good. Well done.
Perhaps there are different 40% off coupon cards. I shop all the time at BB - some in store, a lot online - and I just got one last week. Good from April 1 - April 13.
You are quite welcome. The EG oxford you have shown (appears to be the Chelsea) happens to be a pair I own. Of course those will work. As for a JL captoe model along those lines, you can't go wrong with either the City II or Phillip II:http://www.johnlobb.com/us/models/oxford
I don't think the Chapel would look aggressive or odd; however, of the four you list, the Chapel would be the least formal IMO. The other three are reasonably close in formality, all very appropriate with a DB suit.
+1I have used JL's dark brown shoe cream before on dark oak and it noticeably darkened the leather. But I was able to remove it.....
Usually neutral.
I think you should keep them.
Tassels - while not for everyone - are a wonderful addition to a well-rounded shoe wardrobe.
Barrie 9DLeeds 10C
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