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color is black(1) AE travel sizeor(2) http://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-renovating-recolorant-repair-cream.htmlOption 2 will give you more of a matte finish, and is less prone to chipping.
Those are burgundy. Nice find!!
A splendid ensemble.
You will almost certainly get hit with customs if living in the US.
I have stretched shell before too. It can be done.
Blasphemy indeed. Nice boots.
I own the mole suede Westminster from Leathersoul. The picture above is an accurate representation of the color.
The second pic is not nutmeg suede from what I can tell. Nutmeg is fairly close in color to Alden's snuff suede.Mink is a true dark brown suede.The mole I have is not reverse suede. It is an interesting color: medium brown with some grayish undertones. I like it.Hazel is between dark oak and burnt pine on the brown spectrum.
I have been hit and miss on the thread the last few weeks, so pardon me if this has already been mentioned. Unionmade appears to have a full run of sizes for two color 8 high boots, both on commando. both on Barrie.
Unlined suede models on the barrie look and fit differently than various lined Barrie models such as PTB, LWB, etc.
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