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No objection.
Tremont is a reasonable answer.FWIW, From Alden official printed literature on last fitting characteristics (words directly from literature):Tremont v. BarrieA bit more toe room in the Tremont, but Barrie is a little rounder in toe fitting.Grant v.BarrieNot much difference between Barrie and Grant. Barrie slightly larger.
probably Grant
Plaza is Alden's best last for boots IMO. But Plaza is also decent for shoes.
Ben Silver's E width is/was US E (wide) width.I do like the fact that EG no longer alters the way it sizes its shoes for any market.
wonderful tie
And two reasons why it is Alden's best last for shoes, IMO.
I am not bothered by it in the least. In the same manner I am not bothered in the least when guys don't use the spoiler function.
That's a good summer look. Well done.
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