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For me:whiskey LHSunlined suede PTB - tan or snuffsome old AE boat shoes get worn from time to time
I like the Coniston boot, but never found it to fit my foot particularly well.
I have EG loafers on a couple different lasts. I get them in D with (EGs slightly narrow width) and the fit, at least for my foot, is terrific. An EG E width loafer is doable but I prefer D. Most C&Js, in D width, are subject to MTO prices. None of my EG loafers are MTO. C&J loafers in E width are unwearable for me - heel comes out of the shoe.The black Piccadilly is a classic. The 184 last has a nice shape and fit.As an aside, G&Gs KN14 last is a sublime fitting loafer last.
A tongue pad is a very inexpensive way to make a shoe fit better, particularly for those that have a low instep.
8 for Inca.
I prefer the old style.
I have various Alden NSTs and various EG Dovers. I like them both. The split-toe of the NST is much more pronounced, and that is intentional. Some like a more pronounced split toe while others prefer a more subdued split toe.
I totally agree - the right SA can make a lot of discounts work.
I agree Saphir cordovan cream moisturizes better than Reno, but, in my experience, Reno does not dry out leather, shell or calf. But then again, I only use it sparingly, as with all products.
Possibly, but certainly not if he's part of the "no black shoes, ever" crowd. Sarcasm or not, mdubs does not have too much black.
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