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I am a critic of Alden QC. On that point I agree with the OP. That said, we should move on. There is private messaging for forum members who wish to discuss the appearance of Alden factory workers and the appropriateness of Alden factory restrooms.
We should move on.
+1Th longer you are in the shoe game, the more likely you are to run into things like this, and not just with Alden. Further, handmade shoes - same model, same size - never fit exactly the same. I have various Alden models in more than one shell color - and it is not uncommon for those to be different sizes (ex. some are 9.5D, some are 9.5C and some are 9D).
Nice loafers.They are two different sizes?
My opinion was given relative to one comparison - cigar LWB v. Ravello LWB - and which one is more versatile. Cigar is. I own both models. Dark brown is more versatile than medium (reddish) brown. Medium (reddish) brown is more versatile than light brown/tan.If the question is which color (cigar or ravello) is further from color 8, the answer is ravello.
Cigar - by far - in my estimation.
This is a good point. I have gotten to where I basically assume salesmen don't know what they are talking about when it comes to the finer points of footwear**. If that is not the case, I am pleasantly surprised. If that is the case, I know what I am looking for and it hurts me none.** Ex. Having a discussion with various folks at BB about EG footwear is downwright painful.
Oddly enough, a pair of NIB ravello PTBs just went for $691.99 on ebay. They were first quality and never tried on. 10.5D
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