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Not my size, but .... why are they discounted?
My father - who is still living - passed down to me a pair of walnut grain Hanover LWBs on double leather. Purchased circa 1969. Built like tanks. I topy'd them and use them for foul weather. A great shoe.
Nice Strands!!This is not personal. And I know many that sport the same type of shoe you are replacing. But for the life of me I don't understand how anyone considers that type of slip-on a dress shoe. Whenever I see shoes like that paired with dress clothes, or even business casual, I think WTH were they thinking.Enjoy the replacement pair.
guiltyNo man's desk should be without at least a buffing cloth.
Tassels are great.
I will have to pass, but it sounds good. i do have that exact shoe in nutmeg suede. I wear them casually. They can be worn year round, of course, but they are especially useful in Spring and Summer.
I would suggest there are many shoe collections exceeding 20 for which the owner is proud of (1) the quality of his shoes, (2) his ability to wear and enjoy them all, and (3) the care he is able to impart.
Just think of it as having purchased another tie that you will never see, or wear.
^^ Reminds me .... for a non-Hober purchase (from England) I just got hit with customs of $92.08 (DHL).
Friend, what are you waiting for?
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