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In thirty years you will still be able to wear them - and they will still be considered traditional.
Both are great colors, and I have plenty of models of each color. If I could only have one, it would be color 8 by a wide margin. Others will see it differently. I am ok with that.
The Walton is a wide looking shoe on a tricky, and somewhat seldom used, last (3 last). It is also a shoe that is seldom mentioned on here. It is a really nice casual shoe IMO. To get rid of its "wideness", I go up 1/2 size and down 2 widths (9.5D to 10B). The fit is great.
For loafers, this is 100% true.
3.5 inches has stood, and will stand, the test of time.
[/quote]Model 2459 is on the Barrie last.
Very nice.
It's been awhile since someone has said it. So here goes .... Color 8 is the king. Most on here would agree. Color 8 is the most versatile shell color. Most on here would agree. Carry on.
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