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I would take that shoe* over the color 4 ebay boot any day of the week.*I actually own it.
They are color 2.
True statement.
For shoes and boots, i personally have never understood the appeal of color 4 shell (brownish - red, but mostly red) or ruby shell (red).
I would guess not all of them.I returned mine (9.5) last week. Couldn't justify another pair of dark brown captoe boots (already own two pairs), and the Grant is not the best fit for me. They were in good condition - a few markings on the edging but not a big deal at all. In reading thru this thread, it appears mine have already been spoken for.
Nice tie.
I don't put plastic toe protectors on any of my shoes or boots, C&J or otherwise.
The two models are quite different:oxford v derbyhampton v barriesingle leather v. double leatherIn short, the Epaulet derby model is mostly a casual shoe - go with it if you are looking to wear it casually.
Congrats. Hope all is well.
The boot is up to $1,284.
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