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Rolled, like this:http://www.houzz.com/tie-cubbieMy unit was custom made and looks very similar to the unit 3 pictures down (says "telluride" to the right). However, my unit sits in my master closet, not the laundry room. It contains 168 cubbies and can go 2-deep if needed - it literally goes from floor to ceiling. I typically keep my collection around 168 as I like to see them all - for selection purposes - each morning as I get dressed.Before I had this unit, I was...
Thanks.I have numerous doak models and various EG colors, but not Hazel. Hazel seems to get very little discussion on here
Anyone have a Galway (or any boot) in Hazel antique? Whether yes or no, any thoughts on hazel antique?
I too like both. Although admittedly nearly all of my calf is non-Alden (but I have some Alden calf and have nothing against it).An argument can be made that a well rounded shoe/boot wardrobe contains shell, calf, scotch grain/country calf, and suede.
Get the 1340 over the AF111. While a stock model, it is a classic.Shoes on the TruB last have always looked a bit off to my eye. But others may like them ...
Looks like color 8 to me. What's the model number inside the boot? I will get to the bottom of it if you provide me that.Whether color 8 or cigar, it is a great boot.FWIW, I would recommend you keep the edging as-is.
Many insightful comments made here.
Both are nice. I prefer the plaza Indys.
I wear D and E widths more or less interchangeably on numerous EG lasts (UK9) - with one exception: 82 last (I need an E width as D is too tight). In my experience, an 82 lasted shoe or boot in D width fits significantly narrower than a shoe or boot in D width on, say, the 888 or 202.I have an 82 lasted bal that is crazy snug - it works because I had it stretched (I only bought them because they were a steal).Axels sells its Galways on the 82 and only in D width. They...
New Posts  All Forums: