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I would suggest you may not be in the minority. Those that like antique with color 8 are vocal about it (which is totally fine - even a good thing); but I suspect those that don't care for it or don't prefer it remain for the most part silent. I don't dislike antique with color 8, but I certainly prefer dark. I do think there is near-unanimous agreement that antique makes for a more casual presentation. My 2 cents ...
No objection. I agree.
I agree. I have it on my Edwardian Walcots.
I would take the shell cordovan boot over the Zug boot any day of the week and twice on Sunday, but that's just me.
It was me. While I have found that my 82 boots fit similar to my 82 shoes, the Nevis on the 606 was both longer and wider (twss) than my 606 Dover. So much so that I returned them (and paid the postage to the UK to do so). But perhaps this was an anomaly?
... and why Alden continues to raise its prices.
Not completely ridiculous. Not even kind of ridiculous.
Dainite or leather for 82 Galway (I have both)leather for 82 Shannon
Rules of thumb are not science, but many find they can safely adhere to them.Amount of variance between one's US TTS:C&J full size downJL full size downEG 1/2 size down
Alden fans forsake this model at their own peril.
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