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^^ nice ties I like lined 6-folds.
I bought this model in the past but returned it. The red/black combo was too jarring for my taste.
They are snuff. I am certain of it.
I agree that snuff can vary. But even in its darkest form it comes nowhere near Alden's mocha (dark brown) kid suede. I have various models in each color.
I disagree. The various brands at various price points serve different functions. Further, many find the more sleeker lasts of, for example, G&G and C&J Handgrade to be off-putting. I am not one of them, but I know they are out there.I own the Walnut CC Dover. It is terrifically versatile. Mine is on the HAF Sole.
Great shoes Mike. Was doing some polishing today. Was again reminded I have an overabundance of Alden and BB trees (made by same company) and shoe bags from various makers. PM me if you are in need of trees or bags.Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
Get the dark brown HG Audley. It's worth the extra $$.
Took delivery yesterday of the correct shoe I originally ordered - Trafford in Barneys size 9 US (42 EU 8 UK). It is on last 359. Barneys Madson Ave had it. They are too long. Longer than my C&Js sized UK8.5. They are being returned.I guess the next time I order from Barneys I will have to order their size 8.5 US (7.5 UK). This is curious given that I have literally never ordered a shoe, from any maker, in US size 8.5 or in UK size 7.5.
^^^ Details on the MTO's?
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