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It is Plaza. I am certain of it.
We can agree to disagree. I suspect there are others on here that wear black and 8 NSTs with suits. I have no problem with that. I just happen not to. However, I do wear them with SC's and dressier trousers.
No, they are not.As far as I can tell, C&J (and C&J for RL) designate the color either brown or dark brown, but not cigar. Alden's Cigar - whether a lighter batch or a darker batch - is a different color than C&J's brown/dark brown. Or at least it is in my personal collection. I have various models of each color. Alden's Cigar can have olive hues; that is something I have never detected on my C&J's.
That is a great boot, and, for me personally, it beats out boots in color 4, ravello and whiskey.
The 993 (black shell mono saddle) is a seldom mentioned - almost never seen (at least on the thread) - stock model. It and the 994 are probably the sleekest Barrie models Alden makes (flat welt, 270 welt, single leather). When I wear mine (993 and 994) I many times get favorable comments.
I wear 9D Barrie and 10C Leeds.
Even at that price, the seller makes little money after ebay takes its cut. They retailed for 762. But to each their own.
If for both business and casual wear, I would suggest the black shell NST or monochromatic saddle. These two models can pull double duty, although the NST, for me, would not be worn with a suit. As for the other models you mentioned, i personally put the 2146 in the business only category and the chukka onCommando in the casual only category. All are good models.
^^ I too was rather surprised the gent went up 1/2 size in the 202.
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