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I heard back. I have it on good knowledge that this is NOT a new policy. The information provided to SIMKIN78, through no fault of his own, was wrong.As you were, gentlemen, as you were ......
I went a full size down and the fit is good.
Nice tie.You make a good case for getting the Macclesfields in 6 fold.
That's a nice tie - and combo. You paired stripes with stripes, but did it in a proper way.
As I recall, Mac has at least one whiskey model with dark brown edging. It looks good.On the whole I prefer dark edging. Having said that, I own plenty of models with antique edging (all exotics), and I would hate to see them do away with it.
Consider the Grant captoe and the Plaza NST too.
I'm not saying I agree with the decision - just throwing this theory out there .....I should be able to report back within the next day or two as to whether or not this is a newly adopted policy. I have a reliable source who is fairly close to the action. I suspect it is not.
Perhaps the market is driving this decision?
I would say 64.
I don't.
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