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Go to this link and scroll down to see exactly what BNelsom has.http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/9090I have never done a resole with BNelson's version of commando so I can't speak to its profile.
BNelson only does full commando resoles, not the Alden version (at least that was the case when I inquired a few months back).
There are certain models Alden doesn't glaze - e.g., cigar shell/snuff suede saddle from Leffot. I have that shoe. I have various glazed cigar models too. I prefer the glazed version going away. Some prefer matte shell. Carmina shell, which i also own, is a good choice for them.
Burgundy = burgundy antique, from what I have ever seen.
My two cents ......The color 8 shell 975 is a classic and the OP should get this model first, particularly since he has the Lindrick already.The brown shell Marlow SWB is, IMO, the best looking shell SWB on the market, regardless of maker.
Nightshade is darker, with more purple hues. Both are nice colors.
Sounds like a good idea; picking up the 990 is perhaps a better idea.
Totally agree.
The confusion exists in large part because of: 1. Many Americans (and perhaps others) use the term balmoral to refer to any closed lace shoe. The technically correct term is oxford. 2. Many Americans (and perhaps others) use the term blucher to refer to any open lace shoe. The technically correct term is derby. Many will continue to use the terms balmoral/blucher, and I have no problem with that, as I know what they mean. Carry on ....
Ravello isn't even king of the browns.
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