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The Dalton is much more casual. Two completely different boots ..........
Mac keeps shoes/boots for a long time - 10, 20, 30 years ........
I wear the same size.
It is not for me.
Fit is the same for me. Incidentally, the 82 last is the only EG last I own for which I cannot take a D width, and I must take an E width (and I have tried 82 lasted shoes and boots in D width ). For lasts 202, 606, and 888 I can wear an E width and D width interchangeably. For 184 lasted loafers I need a D width.
classic look
The brown shell Strand is probably AE's overall best looking dress shoe.
I have owned various C&J peal models. Without exception they have been US9.5d. My C&J size is UK8.5e, without exception. I own models on various lasts, shoes and boots, shell and calf.
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