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Just got my UPS shipping notice via email.
All C&J's on sale at BS are US E width (wide).
Nice.This model is perhaps the best looking shell SWB on the market, regardless of maker.
great shoes
Another great stock model. Well done.
I have shell from Alden and Carmina (and others). I prefer Alden shell over Carmina shell. Having owned a few models of Carmina shell, it is doubtful i would ever buy again. I do like the color of Carmina's Saddle shell though.
Good call. Nothing wrong with variety. And certainly nothing wrong with the Galway.
In thirty years you will still be able to wear them - and they will still be considered traditional.
Both are great colors, and I have plenty of models of each color. If I could only have one, it would be color 8 by a wide margin. Others will see it differently. I am ok with that.
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