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I like that shoe.
I am not. At the end of the day they are just shoes/boots.
An 8.5D suede ptb will fit more snug than an 8.5D shell LWB (to say nothing of an 8.5E), which, unfortunately, probably means you have oversized.
Thistle on Sandringham (and no split welt) and split welt on Derwent (and no thistle) are a couple of differences, but not in every case ......This version by LS "violates" both of the differences http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/11/17/edward-green-sandringham-in-cognac-crup-lsw/
A curious first post but insightful nonetheless. Thank you, and welcome to the forum.
That's because they are, if "new" is determined by number of wears.
If you mean better in quality, I disagree. I find them comparable. If you mean better in terms of lasts and models, I mostly agree; however, JL's main line has various models on the 7000 last. For those models, I would tend to prefer JL over a comparative EG model. JL's museum calf is great if its not too blotchy. JL's misty calf is an all around safer bet IMO. I have both JL's plum museum and EG's burgundy antique. I like them both. Plum museum is much darker,...
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