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I wish him the best. And, to be clear, I am not being critical, just making a statement of fact.It is indeed a rare shoe. I actually think there is an outside chance he gets a bid.
That's a lot of money for a red shoe.
If you consider these imperfections, you should forgo Aldens altogether. And I am not being sarcastic. What you have shown will be on nearly every pair you buy.
A great shoe, in so many ways. Mine too are on the 202. Well played.
Nightshade on the 82. A wonderful shoe. I like Mr. Porter. Great service.
^^ Those black Dovers are nice.
True Statement
Direct from Horween, when they do their one piece shell belts. One piece shell belts are quite rare. They are expensive ($400-ish as I recall), but well worth it. worn once?
What a wonderful color. In full disclosure, I happen to own this exact shoe.
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