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I have a Galway in this make-up (Bronze/Black CC). I also have a Doak/Walnut CC Galway (old Doak). I have various other Doak and Bronze models, but, on the whole, I have more Doak (simply an overall more versatile color, IMO). However, for the Galway - if pressed hard enough - I just might say I prefer the Bronze model.
Quite possibly the best Shannon make-up.
I own this Thorpe. It is a great boot.
Go with one of the three on the Hampton. For your stated uses, the last one you list - model 9841 - seems like a winner to me.At a similar price point, and if you go the captoe route (straight tip or perf tip), don't be afraid to go English - something like the C&J Hallam (Benchgrade) or C&J Audley (Handgrade) would work well.
Interesting ...My ravello and color 8 PTBs would be a few of the last Alden models I would part with, and I have a reasonably sized Alden collection.
A tongue pad is an easy $2 fix to minor heel slippage. Why would you remove them if you deemed it necessary to install them?
Thank you.
Just took delivery yesterday of the black calf Burlington on the DG70. The shoe is stunning.
Without regard to the picture, I will note that G&G's "loafer" last is kn14. It is one of the best fitting loafer lasts that I know of, and own.
Isham and Hove on mh71 are very good looking shoes.
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