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This is consistent with my contention that the 606 is EG's rommiest last. At least it is for my foot shape ......
FWIW, D width (narrow width) in numerous JL lasts is available thru JL's By Request (MTO) service - and, the last time I checked - anything more narrow than D puts one in the bespoke price range. I currently have a JL loafer in D width in Parisian Brown Misty in production thru JL's By Request service.
True. The lack of a shell SWB as a stock model in 8 and black is curious. I have to believe they would sell better than, say, the stock single monk in 8 and black.
I got the black shell plaza Indy from FB. About the same overall cost of Mdubs. Given the model's uniqueness,, I believe it was worth it.
I do and always have.
Another great stock model.
The first sentence = My experience has been hit and miss, and nothing if not frustrating.
I like them both. Fortunately so do my feet.
Which of you snagged the heavily discounted Doak Malvern in UK8.5 E82 from Skoak yesterday?
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