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^ this
For the best online selection of EGs in D width, go to Axel's of Vail. Many of their models are on the 82 as well.
Museum calf from any maker in any color, IMO, is a bit of a gamble. If done right, it is wonderfully unique. But sometimes the leather looks so blotchy as to make the shoe look like a total mess. Museum calf is one of only a very few leathers I will not buy unless I have the option to return (for the reasons stated). Perhaps others disagree. No problem.
Given your comments above, I would recommend TTS for you.
Great boots - both.And you will, over time, come to love the color 8 version even more than the ravello version.
You should go for it. You won't regret it.As for extorting funds under the radar of your wife, you are on your own.
Those look great. On my monitor the color appears fairly close to Almond CC, which is a nice color in its own right.
^^ Namor: Nice boots.
The gents at Skoak - for MTOs or online purchases - have been first class. And their prices are tough to beat.
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