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+1For some reason, all my Alden for BB color 8 models are on the dark side of color 8, with eggplant hues (which I prefer). I am told by Alden that this is not intentional. In other words, the color 8 models for BB are not treated any differently than color 8 models for other retailers or color 8 stock models.
The 7000 is perhaps my favorite dress/formal shoe last, regardless of maker.
Great shoes. With the black loafer, I would guess you were going for a model more formal than the Lopez (if that's the case, you made the right choice).
Many on this thread sing the praises of the 64 last. I am not one of them. I would suggest you see the 64 last IRL and try them on before making a nonreturnable purchase.
Great Marlows. That is probably the best looking shell cordovan SWB, regardless of maker.
Pitt boot wins, easily.Cigar goes well with blue denim.
I own the Beaulieu in Burgundy Antique on the 82. I generally like the 82. However, for this model I think the 888 or the 202 (narrow width) would be even better.
Yes. I do. I can appreciate the non-traditional colors; they are just not for me.
Standard offering is on the 82. It can be MTO'd in 202 or 888 as well, without incurring TD prices.
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