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Given your comments above, I would recommend TTS for you.
Great boots - both.And you will, over time, come to love the color 8 version even more than the ravello version.
You should go for it. You won't regret it.As for extorting funds under the radar of your wife, you are on your own.
Those look great. On my monitor the color appears fairly close to Almond CC, which is a nice color in its own right.
^^ Namor: Nice boots.
The gents at Skoak - for MTOs or online purchases - have been first class. And their prices are tough to beat.
While I don't do blue, or green, shoes, I do find these ensembles perfectly acceptable.
That's a nice look.
I tie different knots depending on collar type. I almost never tie a FIH knot with a wide spread or English collar (opting instead for a half-windsor). Some do, and that is fine with me.The space between the collar, imo, should be filled up with the tie knot, so that none of the rest of the tie is showing.There is nothing necessarily wrong with your tie knots (if that is the type of knot you are sticking with) - the issue, based on the pics shown, is one of collar...
A lot. The oxford weave in burgundy and navy were some of my first Hobers.
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