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Recently had occasion to try on, and handle, an oxford on the P2. Two Observations: (1) for me personally, the P2 is much better suited for casual styles, and (2) too much space in the toe box (vertically) and too wide at the ball. Moral of the story: the P2 is not for me.
Here is one example to give us hope. With respect to the JL Saunton, Leatherfoot sells it for 1325CAD (approx. 1175USD) whereas JL Costa Mesa sells it for 1325USD. Shipping at this price point is free at leatherfoot.
I had shearling at one point. Didn't really like it ......
You are not alone, my friend. There is a reason why color 8 stock models come with the dark edge.
I agree.
Said extra side stitching is the primary reason why I have not bought the Thorpe.
I find the 82 is slimmer in the toe box, but I take the same size.
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