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No. Same size should work just fine. I own, or have owned, shoes on those three lasts.
Just FYI - the Cavendish is on the 325. But C&J does make some loafers on the 363 (Handgrade only).
Anyone own this loafer: http://www.barneys.com/crockett-jones-granada-502434534.html#prefn1=brand&prefv1=Crockett+&start=11 Thoughts on color and last?
Nice find on the regent!!The maple on their website seems to be quite different than other pics of maple I have seen. Maple can look quite nice. The maple on the website seems horribly bland. Thoughts from maple owners?
You should buy both sizes and take the guesswork out of it. Then keep the one that fits best.
Either color will work. Frankly, there won't be much of a difference IRL.
I'm quite sure I wouldn't buy any of these models, even at a steep discount. Hard to believe all the grays and blues....I'll stick with the classics.
I measure 9.5 on the Brannock, but my foot is narrow. These days, for laced shoes and boots, for the most part, I buy UK8.5 in EG and GG, and UK8 in JL, C&J, St Crispin, Carmina, Vass. Of course all these makers have different lasts so there are some exceptions....
New Posts  All Forums: