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MH71 lastI have 2 pairs of G&G loafers on the KN14 last in UK8.5D (I like my loafers snug). I took UK8.5E in the boot and the fit is great. My Thorpe is in Rustic Arran Grain.
I used to be put off by the side stitching on the Thorpe. However, after having handled the Thorpe in real life - and now owning the Thorpe - I think it actually adds character. The Thorpe on Dainite is a perfect nominee for various grain leathers from G&G.
That's a nice ensemble.
This much we know - EG's E width is its "standard" or "medium" width, whereas in the USA, say, with Alden, a D width is its "standard" or "medium" width. Beyond that, the maker, the model, and the last will have a bearing on the actual width. In my experience (with regard to various EG lasts), an EG E width is closer to an American D width, and an EG D width is sightly more narrow than an American D width, and closer to an American C width.Some have likened EG's E width...
Don't forget about the 202.
That boot on Dainite is close to the perfect boot in terms of style and versatility.
SV is nice to deal with. My experiences have been positive. $585 is a decent price.
The Daytripper in ravello is almost exclusively a casual boot as far as I am concerned.
^ this
For the best online selection of EGs in D width, go to Axel's of Vail. Many of their models are on the 82 as well.
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