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Yes, my understanding is that the policy applies only to the offerings in the current catalog.
I've owned the Halifax, but no longer do. A great looking boot. They gave me inexplicable knee pain.
Thanks guys. I should have excepted JGilbert on my post.I am already in for the NST boot from JGilbert. The medallion toe version, which I have handled in person, was an odd mix for me - it just seemed too dressy for a commando sole, and, frankly, perhaps too dressy for casual wear at all. Others may see it differently. But certainly a great boot nevertheless.
Anyone know of a non-Barrie, non-Trubalance, non-Grant black shell high boot currently stocked?
My understanding is that the answer is yes, there would be an MTO fee if the shoe was ordered in a color not listed.
I would get a replacement pair. IMO, 20% of 675 in your pocket (for a pair you have concerns about) will seem meaningless in a few years, if not a few months.
Since there was discussion yesterday of shoes in the catalog, I thought I'd pass along this recent email exchange I had with EG: Me: If a shoe is in your catalog and a specific last is designated for it along with a specific color (ex. Walcot in burgundy on 808), is it then considered a “stock” model – and therefore not subject to MTO or TD upcharges? EG: That is correct as long as it is a shoe that we currently stock then no upcharge. Me: Ok. So if a shoe is in your...
Consider the Hove in Nightshade at Axel's:http://axelsltd.com/collections/mens-shoes/products/hove-in-night-shade
FWIW: A few months ago I was provided a list of stock models from the Jermyn St. store - together with the lasts such stock models were made on and together with the leather colors such stock models were available in. The shoes on the list (in the designated colors) were available for order without any MTO or TD upcharges. These three models were available (on that list) in the 808. And each of these three models was only available in certain colors. No other models...
New Posts  All Forums: