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I got the black shell plaza Indy from FB. About the same overall cost of Mdubs. Given the model's uniqueness,, I believe it was worth it.
I do and always have.
Another great stock model.
The first sentence = My experience has been hit and miss, and nothing if not frustrating.
I like them both. Fortunately so do my feet.
Which of you snagged the heavily discounted Doak Malvern in UK8.5 E82 from Skoak yesterday?
Great shoes my friend.My black Chelseas are on D202 and they are classic IMO.
LOLThe Grasmere gets little attention on this thread (although a few days ago it had some), and I am quite impressed that Rydenfan brought it up. The version he is holding - apparently Doak - is also to be coveted.
I have that shoe in whiskey shell. A great shoe.
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