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This quote includes shipping both ways.
Out of curiosity I checked with EG (Jermyn St.) on the current price of a resole. I was told: The price of this service is £275 per pair and it takes 8-10 weeks. That is approx. $455. Wow.
Or a black CC Nevis on Dainite .......
Nice Westminsters. I have that exact shoe.
C&J's HG dark brown antique calf is one of the best dark browns on the market. It ages beautifully.
Is the Rosewood a go? Or are you still one person short? I would give it serious thought but I need a narrower width than E. To that end i understand I can't count as the sixth guy. Correct me if I am mistaken.....
I share the reluctance of those on this thread. IMO, suede is better suited for derbies and casual boot styles.
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