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Pewter museum and pewter misty definitely have brown tones (which, for me, is a good thing). I have the Camborne DM in pewter misty and it is a stunning shoe. I typically wear them with anything I would otherwise pair with medium-to-dark browns.
Somewhat similar.lowndes (BG and LAST 348) v. repton (HG and LAST 337)The George Cleverley "Thomas" double monk was/is very similar to the Repton albeit with a rounder toe. have owned the Lowndes and Thomas.
What a fabulous make-up this is .....
The HG Grenville 2 is on the 358 and is a really sharp shoe. I own it in black calf. With some HG lasts, including the 358, I size down 1/2 size from my regular C&J size. The Grenville 2 is currently not part of the stock offerings.
PM me if interested in this shoe, size US8.5D.
One of Alden's finest boots.
Confirmed. C&J on the 240 last in dark brown shell. And the single nail in the middle of the heel is in fact there IRL.They run a bit large IMO. Nice model.,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00454_Color=BLCK&contentpos=8 These are C&J on the 341. A really nice looking shoe.
True. That's a reasonable price at full retail. At 30% off it's ridiculous.
BB has various EG models on various lasts. The EG for BB Dover is on the 888, which is fairly rare.
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