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I have not - but I have thought about it.
Those are nice.
We can agree to disagree on this one.Flat laces, IMO, are less dressy, and much more sneaker-ish. Further, flat laces are wider, drawing more attention to themselves than is needed.I am reminded of a pair of John Lobb oxfords I purchased a few months back. My first order of business was to remove the flat laces.
Agreed. Nicely done.
I would imagine some share this opinion.However, I am the exact opposite, and actually remove flat laces if shoes come with them.
I recently acquired this model in tan antique calf. A very attractive shoe.
And, in all seriousness, I hope it works out.
Hope it works out for you guys. Although, I must say that the last few pages make a good case for a single MTO.
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