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I own, or have owned, many many double monks from various makers, including the JL Camborne and JL William. The JL Camborne is one of my absolute favorites (7000 last). However, I would not wear them with denim. Too formal IMO. The William and William 2 are better suited for denim.I wore the Cambornes yesterday with a suit.
The unlined shell LHS molds to a guy's foot perhaps better than any other Alden model. It is like wearing a sock.
It could be the case BB will not get the shell PTB or shell SW bal any longer, as there has not been a restock for a very long time. This is unfortunate since these Alden for BB models come on lasts not otherwise offered by Alden.The other models seem to get restocked, at least from time to time. I have been told that BB will be getting in restocks of some shell loafers before the holidays.I was told a few years back by a long-time BB employee that BB would no longer...
How close is EG's Cloud to JL's Pewter? Anyone?
See post #11571. The sizing has not changed. Their description did indeed change, but it is wrong.
Came across this on Citishoes website: Double leather outsoles Wing Tip Bal Oxford (on GRANT LAST) 974 Dark Burgundy Shell Cordovan $671 Add 9741 Black Shell Cordovan $671 Add Not on Grant .......
I thought the same thing. So I called them a week ago or so and was told it was not a misprint.Thanks for the feedback.
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/carmina-footwear/products/tassel-loafer-burnished-tan-calfskin 1. For this Uetam loafer Epaulet suggests going 1.5 sizes down from US TTS. For those of you with Uetam loafers, was this the case? 2. For those of you with Simpson loafers, would the above (1.5 sizes down) also hold true? Thanks.
I agree that it represents the color well.
http://www.khakisofcarmel.com/product/edward-green-malvern-in-chestnut-antique/Might want to give them a call.
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