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^^ Those black Dovers are nice.
True Statement
Direct from Horween, when they do their one piece shell belts. One piece shell belts are quite rare. They are expensive ($400-ish as I recall), but well worth it.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Lobb-Philip-II-Brown-Leather-US-Size-9-Mens-Designer-Shoe-/151824254345?hash=item23596e4589 worn once?
What a wonderful color. In full disclosure, I happen to own this exact shoe.
I'm all for unique make-ups, but this one ........ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Edward-Green-Burnt-Pine-Antq-Black-Calf-loafers-size-10-5-/252095370512?hash=item3ab20e1510
Actually it was thru my dealings with Emmanuel that I came to know of Perry. I do not know Perry. Yes, I have used Emmanuel before. Emmanuel reached out to me prior to his move to Canada to let me know of his new home.
Emmanuel FarreWas living in France. Now lives in Toronto. I have used him before (JL double monk - Vintage 2000). He does nice work.
Great looking monk!!I have this model on the 888 in black calf.
^^ As for loafers, if between sizes I say go for the smaller size. In my experience, a loafer too large eventually doesn't get worn, whereas, a loafer slightly too small will typically stretch out, and, after awhile, actually become the ideal size.
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