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Both are nice models. Funny how the last and edge trim make these - at least for me - completely different shoes for completely different attire.
BLOWOUT is the code (listed on the homepage)
While I can't help with stores, the below site will get you a current list of models made on the 325 last.http://www.crockettandjones.com/collections/uk/mens
Sometimes - like here - there is beauty in the plain things in life.
You are welcome. Good luck.
A double leather sole is a/k/a a single leather sole plus a midsole. My understanding is that the midsole will only be replaced if it is worn down. While I would certainly address this subject with your cobbler, someone like BNelson in NYC knows what to do without the matter being discussed.If a cobbler removed the midsole and outer sole and merely replaced it with an outer sole (without being instructed to do that), that would indeed be odd as he would be changing the...
They are TD. Nice boot and decent price (and my size), just not for me.
I have no problem with what Patina is doing. They are advertised as New With Defects and as a Factory Irregular so it would appear he is being honest about their condition. He will eventually get only what someone believes they are worth - nothing more, nothing less.
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