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That's a nice boot. And this substantiates my position that dark oak is primarily (and usually) a medium brown, not a dark brown.
I believe mdubs was suffering from a manic episode for an entire year. By the time he got help (and by that I mean his wife said "Mike, WTF?), his bank account had dwindled significantly - but he had really nice footwear.
I own, or have owned, or have handled all five CC colors displayed above.The two in question are both nice. Rosewood is lighter. Rosewood is more red than mahogany but mahogany still has some subtle redness to it. If you are on the fence, I would recommend mahogany as I see it as the safer, more conservative, choice.If you want no red hues, go with walnut, which is a very dark brown.Having said all of that, my next CC model will probably be rosewood.
Speaking of Unionmade, this is such a confusing shoe: http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-campbell-two-tone-shortwing-in-black-alpine-and-dark-chocolate-suede-d3301/
The Barney's one is more formal. It's not even debatable. All are nice, though.
I have not - but I have thought about it.
Those are nice.
We can agree to disagree on this one.Flat laces, IMO, are less dressy, and much more sneaker-ish. Further, flat laces are wider, drawing more attention to themselves than is needed.I am reminded of a pair of John Lobb oxfords I purchased a few months back. My first order of business was to remove the flat laces.
Agreed. Nicely done.
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