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Me too.
I wear the same size in 325 (shell and calf and grain calf) and 335 (calf). However, models in shell on the 335 have me 1/2 size down (I was actually surprised by this, at least initially - but my "regular" size provided way too much heel slippage).The length of the 325 and 335, if different at all, is negligible, IMO. The overall fit of the 335 is more roomy, but not by a whole lot.But feet are weird, and others may have had different experiences ....
I have had shoes and boots on both lasts. IME, while the 325 might be slightly narrower than the 335, it is not longer. If anything, the 335 is slightly longer.
Great boots.Indeed, the Skye Boot, in its various colors and leathers, is an all-around wonderful boot.
I do not, but I do own a decent number.
Nope - same size for me.My foot is on the narrow side so I like it when retailers offer D width.Axel's online allows refunds for returns if they don't work out.All of Axels EGs come with EG trees.
I own the Hove in Nightshade on the 82. Great shoe. Definitely more purple tones than EG's burgundy antique (a great color in its own right).You can get it here from a US retailer (but it is EG's D width (slightly narrow), not EG's E width (standard/medium width)):
I have purchased from GB online before, a few times. Very good experiences with them. They are completely legit.
That is correct, and during the corporate sale the price was crazy good. But I don't care for the 240 last .....
Well done.
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