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Those are nice boots.
This picture will anger those who don't like shell color variance.
G&G's KN14 last (as pictured in terrorsquad's post), for dressier loafers, is probably the best last on the market.
Great choices - both.
I already have a few Dovers, and in the past have purchased a Nevis and a Halifax (neither of which I still have), so the decision was pretty easy for me. I like variety. But either one is a good choice.
I'm all about variety.I liked this boot IRL much better than the pics I had seen. And the construction of the boot is top notch.
MH71 lastI have 2 pairs of G&G loafers on the KN14 last in UK8.5D (I like my loafers snug). I took UK8.5E in the boot and the fit is great. My Thorpe is in Rustic Arran Grain.
I used to be put off by the side stitching on the Thorpe. However, after having handled the Thorpe in real life - and now owning the Thorpe - I think it actually adds character. The Thorpe on Dainite is a perfect nominee for various grain leathers from G&G.
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