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The 9073 is the Cigar Captoe Balmoral. It is this style: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-cap-toe-bal-oxford-shell-cordovan-black-shell/pvc-ald-mxsdls-9071_ald_m_cap_toe_bal_oxford_shell_cordovan.html
Mink and mocha: http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/edward-green/chelsea-mink-suede.html http://axelsltd.com/products/pimlico-in-mocha-suede?utm_source=googlepla&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CIvPx9mDor8CFelDMgodjXMAjg
^^ There are many non-museum calf belts (from various makers) that go quite well with museum calf shoes. And that don't cost $650.
Nice collection.
You are quite welcome.For a model that can transition seamlessly from professional business dress to business casual, the color 8 straight tip blucher is about as good as it gets.
It won't matter how much they originally cost, or how rare they are, if they don't fit you. Sounds like a gamble I wouldn't be willing to take.
This is a nice way of storage.With respect to a list or spreadsheet or whatever, this not only can prove helpful for the owner (in terms of rotation, etc.), but it can prove vital in the event of an insured loss.
Yes, but it will darken the edges, at least somewhat.I agree that AE should produce more edge dressing options.
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