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Bear in mind the the Skye - 335 last - has a wonderful rounded toe in its own right. At least I think so....
For me this is easy: Skye. To my eye the Skye has overall better proportions.
The 64 last gets much love on this thread. Fine with me. I suspect there are some that don't like the 64, but seldom are those sentiments verbalized (or typed). The 64 is not for me. I have owned it. I didn't like it. And I tried to like it - I tried my best to get used to it. It wasn't to be, just too stubby to my eye. Frankly, it is the only EG last that is a deal breaker for me (I will no longer even consider it as an option). I could be in the minority. If...
Best looking split toe boot on the market, IMO.
I wear most C&Js in UK8E. I have the Arran Grain Thorpe on the MH71 in UK8.5E. The fit is very good.
Nice shades of brown - all.
Nice work.I ordered mine about an hour ago. I have often wondered why G&G doesn't have an open-laced captoe boot as a stock offering.
Wonderful offerings.
As per that photo, the dark purple is easily more desirable than the purple, IMO.
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