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Get the Shoemart version pictured above.
Nice. I wear my whiskey LHS more than any other LHS. 2nd would be color 8.
Not sure about the best, but here is an option:http://www.johnlobb.com/us/The above site is linked with JL's Costa Mesa, CA store.
Nicely done. Those appear to be the Alden for Ben Silver split toe tassel. Yes?
Those are nice.
Would you say G&Gs split toe technique is just as good looking as EGs?Yes.What makes you say the Dover is better than G&Gs split toe shoes? Is it the Last or the fact that you like that the Dover is a more casual looking shoe vs the G&G?To be clear, I am not saying one is better than the other, I am merely stating my preference. I prefer the overall look of the Dover to the G&G Hove. I have also found that - for shoe models - EG's 606 and 202 fit me better than G&G's...
Nice collection of doak models.
I have two G&G Thorpe (split toe) boots - vintage oak calf on double leather and rustic arran grain on dainite, both on last MH71. I personally prefer them to EG split toe boots. That said, I own far more EG models than G&G models, and I prefer EG's Dover to G&G's split toe shoes.
I have not heard from a retailer in this regard. However, I have heard from one employed by Alden in this regard. I suppose it is possible said Alden employee could be mistaken - but I'm betting against it.
It is a last used exclusively for BB - and even at that, sparingly.
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