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http://leathersoulhawaii.com/new-arrivals/ Some of the curious offerings of LS have been mentioned on here before. In that light, please see LS's last 3 "new arrivals."
Yes. Leffot's Cooney boot in snuff suede is the model I have.
I have Aberdeen and Plaza shoes and boots. Comparatively speaking, I strongly prefer Plaza for boots and Aberdeen for shoes.
Leffot has a few sizes in this boot in stock.
Splendid.As good as an LWB gets.
Correct - BB uses Snap instead of Hampton on its captoe (perf tip) oxfords, and on its captoe (straight tip) derbies. Alden equates the Snap last with the Hampton last. I own both and they are quite similar.
Either choice was a good one. You will enjoy them.FWIW, I have two bronze models, and I detect no greens. Had I detected greens, I would have returned them. While I don't have the mercer in bronze, the bronze is displayed quite well here:http://www.khakisofcarmel.com/product/edward-green-mercer-in-bronze-antique/
Thebeebs has already opined that "Doak is the best EG color."
EG's overall best color is probably dark oak.I have both boots you mention, except my dark oak Galway has a mink suede shaft. If I could only keep one, I would keep the Galway in Bronze.
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