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I used to own those 3 models (from left to right, Alden SF, Unionmade (Kirkwood Boot)**, and LSW, respectively). 3 great models no doubt - indeed, wonderful. Sold them all - three of the various models regarding which my feet had a disagreement with the Barrie last. They never were comfortable, even after numerous wears. Feet hurt - literally - at the end of the day. I have various Barrie models - in the same size - where that is not the case, and which are very...
They may have lost Cleverley. I am not sure.
The same seller has a pair of used CXL boots for $1,000.
On the positive side, they do currently offer the JL City Ii and Phillip Ii in Plum Museum Calf. This color is not available in either model on the JL website. George Cleverley is underrated.
+1 for sneakers confusion.
The pic of the outsole on the link strongly suggests the 82.
My various double monks probably get more compliments than any other single style of shoe.
I have the Westminster (2 models) and JL William. While I like them both, they are different animals altogether IMO (particularly if the comparison is made with the Westminster 888).
I love monks - particularly double monks - but they are not for everybody. I have a hunch you would perhaps like the Westminster more with a different last.
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