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I'm looking for your thoughts on a few matters: 1. versatility of JL's tobacco suede 2. whether anyone owns the Wallace, William or William II in tobacco suede (and, if so, do you wear them mostly, if not totally, in casual settings?) 3. closeness of color between tobacco and Alden's snuff suede Thanks Gents. Have a good Thursday.
Both work fine. VSC works fine too. The Saphir Neutral cordovan will/may slightly darken light shell.
One of Alden's best. One of the last Alden models I would part with.
Yes, subjective.
If that is 7 business days by UPS, we must be in the 1950's. Great shoes, by the way.
I actually returned mine from the DC run. They were damn near black. And this is from a guy that usually doesn't mind dark cigar shades .....
^^ Given how dark the latest runs of cigar have been, I will be surprised if this run is any different.
Nice line up of C&J blacks. C&J does black calf well - whether in its BG line or its HG line.
Alden for Leffot cigar shell (matte finish)/snuff suede.
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