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I have ordered from Grafford before - the Skye boot in black scotch grain (on the box styled as the Skye 4 boot). They were good to work with.FWIW, I got hit with customs.
Wax calf is used for the Northcote boot.Personally I prefer the non-Wax calf of the Skye.
They haven't been offered by BBBF online for quite some time, but perhaps individual stores have them.
BBBF offered a black grain version too, back then.
I totally agree with this. I have black scotch grain Skye boots - I wore them last night and found myself thinking the same thing.
If an 8.5D Barrie is too small, I personally would be hesitant to buy a UK8.5E MH71 Thorpe boot. May need to go to a 9.....
The one on my left (as I look at my monitor), by a considerable margin.
I own both of these in the same leathers as pictured. Wore my Thorpes last night. You will not be disappointed with either one.
It's always curious when the seller is unsure of what he is selling....
How about 10.5D in each boot - with dress sock?
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