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I am a fan of the old Doak. I am also a fan of the new Doak.
You can order Lobb's narrow width - D - during their By Request events at no additional charge. Or, if you have a relationship with a Lobb retailer, you can order D widths year 'round via their By Request (i.e., MTO) service at no additional charge.
You should be able to get this, if not a bit more. They are from the prestige collection and come with trees. Both of these facts increase their value.Why are you selling? Fit issue?
In my experience, it has been hit and miss - sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Call the Costa Mesa, CA store and they will help you out.
A tip to my USA brethren: I live in the USA and order form C&J Jermyn Street regularly (by email/fax/phone). The customer service is great, their stock is unmatched, the pricing is reasonable, the shipping is fast (usually 2 days), and the sizing is consistent. I was in the shoe game for many a year by the time I realized this fact.
Barneys sizing =
Be mindful of last, type of outsole, and collection - main or handgrade.
That model - Wells - is nearly always made on the 82 last. If this one is made on the 202 I will be very surprised.Nice shoes!!
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