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I'd personally steer clear of any oxford if my primary use was with jeans/chinos. Plenty of good derby models or boots for that.
Just heard from BB regarding the 40% off card."The items excluded are Cordovan shoes, Harry of London, Edward Green Shoes, and Red Wing. Made to measure and special order are also excluded."
Assuming it could be used on EGs, $789 for Inverness or Asquith, including trees, seems like a pretty good deal to me. Shoes only, if we remove 125 for trees, would be $664.
The difference is night and day: from marginal to very good. Well done.
Perhaps there are different 40% off coupon cards. I shop all the time at BB - some in store, a lot online - and I just got one last week. Good from April 1 - April 13.
You are quite welcome. The EG oxford you have shown (appears to be the Chelsea) happens to be a pair I own. Of course those will work. As for a JL captoe model along those lines, you can't go wrong with either the City II or Phillip II:http://www.johnlobb.com/us/models/oxford
I don't think the Chapel would look aggressive or odd; however, of the four you list, the Chapel would be the least formal IMO. The other three are reasonably close in formality, all very appropriate with a DB suit.
+1I have used JL's dark brown shoe cream before on dark oak and it noticeably darkened the leather. But I was able to remove it.....
Usually neutral.
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