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Welcome to the thread. You will enjoy each of those 4 models for a good long while.
A very unique combo of color/last/model.
I am confident you will get a new pair.
Great models - all 3.
There are many BB SA's that are clueless about such things.
That being the case, I would offer up the:http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/arden-black
Of the two, I would vote Lopez. But there are other JL loafers I prefer to the Lopez.
No kidding.In my judgment, the shoe went from unwearable to wonderful.
All three are nice, with the Barrie model serving a different purpose, IMO, given its last and its commando sole. The Aberdeen model is shoe model 2211 in boot form - but a great boot nonetheless. The Plaza model is terrifically unique. All comes down to what you currently have and what you plan to wear these boots with. Good luck.
You are welcome. The 2259 is a rare shoe, and we are lucky to own it.
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