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Nice score. Given the design and its model number it appears to be the cigar version of the Aberdeen lasted 2145/2146. And a very light cigar at that.
Assuming the numerical designation is correct, they are cigar, albeit a much lighter version. I have complained about Alden's QC. However, I would bet a good bit of money that is not a restored pair that Alden is attempting to sell as new.
The width of pant is a personal style decision. Go with what you believe is best.
You can look inside the shoe to get the last number.
Same as your Hampton shoe size.
If you came up with this specimen by merely messing around, I can only imagine what you would create if you got serious about it. Well done!!
Very well. I owned both boots - Coniston in tan scotch grain and the BB captoe boot in burgundy shell. Neither boot fit well. I eventually off loaded each pair.
Whether I went tts or half size down, the boot was just too roomy at the instep and led to an an overall sloppy fit.
The burgundy shell model from BB. Not formally called the Coniston, but the design was essentially the same, and, as I understand it, was on the same last as the Coniston.
Very nice boots.One of the only Alden boot models I would still like to add to my collection.
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