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great boots
I wouldn't do it.
Great combo. I wore those exact socks on Monday.
You are correct. I was thinking Galway.http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/edward_green_catalogue
True - but not offered regularly - and, as far as I know, not offered currently. Who is the retailer that has them on order?The shortwing bal seems to be offered every couple of years and doesn't seem terribly difficult to get.
LWBDoes your SWB mean shortwing blucher (not offered), or shortwing Balmoral (offered on Tremont).
I understand the Dundee is stocked in Rosewood CC - but only on the 64. Certainly a nice looking casual boot for fans of 64.
I own this tie and it is one of my favorite Hobers. Wonderfully versatile, and works with shirts that are white, blue, lavender, and pale pink.
That's what I remembered as well. Interesting ....
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