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This is sound advice, and tough to argue with. However, I would tip the scales in favor of the 990 (or the BB equivalent) as one's first Alden model.
I have had good experiences with numerous Alden retailers. While I wouldn't describe the CS at Leffot horrible, I would describe it as not nearly as good as many others. And I have made purchases there of everything from Alden to EG to a shell watch strap .....
CigarBut both are great....
I own this shoe in whiskey crup on Dainite. It is built like a tank.
I purchased them online some months ago and ended up returning them. While the rosewood CC is stunning, I personally found the shoe a bit confused - it was trying to be a casual shoe and it was trying to be a dress shoe, when all the while it probably failed in both respects. Standing alone the shoe is beautiful, however.
Snap last
The burgundy oxford weave, which i believe is currently out of stock, is probably my favorite burgundy tie offered by Hober.i would suggest a solid navy (dark navy) and solid burgundy well before a solid brown. I have all three and the brown easily gets used the least.
I own that ^ madder print tie. It is very unique, and an overall great tie.
Interesting. I have no heel slip with the 7000 or 8000. The 9795 last of the William and William Ii doesn't fit my foot nearly as well.
While I really like the William/William II, I also found the heel slip to be a problem.
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