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Model 2259 is the captoe blucher (straight tip) on the Aberdeen last, on double leather.I have that model. It is a great shoe, and quite rare.
What is the model number of those?
I have the black Chelsea and a Walnut CC Dover. You will not be disappointed. I happen to also have the burgundy Inverness, and would give it a hearty endorsement.
I don't disagree.
That is a killer deal, and with trees. But not my size. FWIW, the Asquith has a medallion toe.
#8 NST boot
I agree that the Marlow is on a more versatile last. Built like a tank too.I used to own the said ravello SWB from LS - but I sold them. Great shoe. For me, Barrie is a mixed bag - some models comfortable, some not. The ravello SWB fell into the latter category.
True. The double leather sole might actually be bullet-proof.
A wonderful shoe. IMO, the finest shell SWB on the market.
I have the two on the ends. IMO, the Asquith is one of the best dress shoe models on the market.
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