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Interesting ...I measure 9.5 on Brannock. I take AE 5 last in 9.
Have BNelson darken the welt. I have had them do this (cigar LWB) and they did a nice job. Charge was something like $35.
Nice ensemble. Is the coat patterned with black or navy?
My 2 cents ....I own all models listed save for the black shell WT boot (but I do own the black calf C&J for RL Lindrick boot). Of those listed, and all else being equal, get the 2210 (color 8 NST). Of those listed, if you want something other than a blucher, get the 993 (black shell mono saddle).Good luck.
Looks like a bad resole job to me.
There are various places to get EG's for substantially less than $1,500. Ex. Skoak has its whole EG fleet between 879 - 986USD , plus shipping.
Based on the information I have, EG stocks the 82-lasted Malvern 4 in E width only, in four different color schemes. The only Malvern they stock in D width is the regular Malvern (and on the 202).
This is my understanding of their "stock" policy:They "stock" certain models, and it changes, at least slightly, depending on the year. Most of those models are only "stocked" in E width. If the model you inquired of is one they stock only in E width, then ordering it in D width is subject to the MTO charge. But if you inquire of a model that they "stock" in E and D width (example, Picadilly in black) - but they don't happen to have your size on hand - they will make it...
I have models on each last - 7000 and 8000. Both are nice. I prefer the 7000 in terms of comfort and looks.
Hard to say. I can only tell you my experience, which was that the Gianni TTS for me was waaaaay big, and I have my doubts that a half size down would have done the trick. But I was only able to try on the one that was TTS and no others.
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