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Both work fine. VSC works fine too. The Saphir Neutral cordovan will/may slightly darken light shell.
One of Alden's best. One of the last Alden models I would part with.
Yes, subjective.
If that is 7 business days by UPS, we must be in the 1950's. Great shoes, by the way.
I actually returned mine from the DC run. They were damn near black. And this is from a guy that usually doesn't mind dark cigar shades .....
^^ Given how dark the latest runs of cigar have been, I will be surprised if this run is any different.
Nice line up of C&J blacks. C&J does black calf well - whether in its BG line or its HG line.
Alden for Leffot cigar shell (matte finish)/snuff suede.
The Marlow SWB is probably the finest looking shell SWB on the market.
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