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True. The double leather sole might actually be bullet-proof.
A wonderful shoe. IMO, the finest shell SWB on the market.
I have the two on the ends. IMO, the Asquith is one of the best dress shoe models on the market.
great tie right there
I call none of them tankers, but, when I hear others do so, I think of Barrie or TruB (without regard to type of outsole).
The double monk split-toe Vintage 2000 is probably my favorite.
Be not ashamed. Come to the dark side.
I agree that JL's green is much more subdued. For example, its green misty calf almost doesn't even look green under certain lights.http://www.johnlobb.com/us/hutton-1
That is interesting. And good to know.My orders from there - 3, I think - have all come by way of USPS and I have never requested it. But moving forward I will.
IMO, regular leather lasts longer, but not by a large margin.
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