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The unlined Harvard is one of the best Penny's on the market. Well done.
The C&J HG line is very underrated.
My HG black calf Grenville 2 has an outsole like that.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/modern-vintage/sets/72157602516581064/?page=3While it is my understanding the Prestige line shoe trees are not lasted, the fit, in my experience (7000 and 8000 lasts), is excellent.
The Phillip II is a prestige model whether you buy it from stock or order it By Request. By Request is essentially JL's version of MTO. Prestige models are mixed in with main line models on JL's website.As for the shoe you speak of:http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/john-lobb/philip-ii-plum-museum.html
The Chapel comes with shoe trees as well.
For USA customers the GB website offers great prices:Chapel $1,265 ($1,750 on JL website)William 2 $955 ($1,480 on JL website)
FYI only: While I did not purchase the JL William/William 2 from GB, I have ordered Lobbs and C&J's off the GB website and everytime the website has still had my size "in stock" after my purchase. The GB website (ex VAT) has some of the best prices for Lobbs and C&J's.
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