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You should buy both sizes and take the guesswork out of it. Then keep the one that fits best.
Either color will work. Frankly, there won't be much of a difference IRL.
I'm quite sure I wouldn't buy any of these models, even at a steep discount. Hard to believe all the grays and blues....I'll stick with the classics.
I measure 9.5 on the Brannock, but my foot is narrow. These days, for laced shoes and boots, for the most part, I buy UK8.5 in EG and GG, and UK8 in JL, C&J, St Crispin, Carmina, Vass. Of course all these makers have different lasts so there are some exceptions....
I have the City II and the Chapel, each in UK8E. I take 8.5 in the 82.
Has anyone here done an MTO loafer on a last different than the KN14?
I find the 606 to be EG's roomiest last. Many say the 202, but I don't.
For those of you with Simpson and/or Uetam loafers - and who also own loafers from EG/G&G/C&J/JL. Do you take the same size? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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