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I like them both. Fortunately so do my feet.
Which of you snagged the heavily discounted Doak Malvern in UK8.5 E82 from Skoak yesterday?
Great shoes my friend.My black Chelseas are on D202 and they are classic IMO.
LOLThe Grasmere gets little attention on this thread (although a few days ago it had some), and I am quite impressed that Rydenfan brought it up. The version he is holding - apparently Doak - is also to be coveted.
I have that shoe in whiskey shell. A great shoe.
This for me, as I recall, has been 100% of the time, and is a nice touch.
To each their own.But ...What color of trousers do you wear? Most contend color 8 goes with any color outside of black.
Neutral if you wish to maintain the exact color; brown if you wish to darken them slightly.
This is sound advice, and tough to argue with. However, I would tip the scales in favor of the 990 (or the BB equivalent) as one's first Alden model.
I have had good experiences with numerous Alden retailers. While I wouldn't describe the CS at Leffot horrible, I would describe it as not nearly as good as many others. And I have made purchases there of everything from Alden to EG to a shell watch strap .....
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