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Anyone here wear their Campus loafers sockless with shorts?
Thanks for this information on the roughly half size conversion. My experience has been a bit different, however. I own C&J Harvards from Barneys (US8D), from Ben Silver (US8D) and from C&J direct (UK7E). The fit for all three is nearly identical.
This very thing has kept me from pulling the trigger on WT boots from AoC.
I am nearly certain that is the color 8 shell PTB - stock model 990. It is not dark brown, but dark burgundy. If that is the case, then nearly all Alden retailers carry that shoe.
They will still make it thru their By Request service.
I am an Alden fan more than an AE fan by a long shot. I do have a few AEs. I have dozens of Aldens. That said, AEs customer service, on the whole, and to its credit, is unmatched by essentially any shoemaker.With that out of the way, I am wondering if you asked - specifically - for a replacement pair? And, if yes, what they said. In my experience, the retailer's response of (and many of us have heard it) "we will send them to the factory to see what they think" is a...
My experience too.
I am a fan of the old Doak. I am also a fan of the new Doak.
You can order Lobb's narrow width - D - during their By Request events at no additional charge. Or, if you have a relationship with a Lobb retailer, you can order D widths year 'round via their By Request (i.e., MTO) service at no additional charge.
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