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Great choices - both.
And the reason for "never again" was?
A wonderful boot, and quite nice on the 82. Leatherfoot has no EG on its website yet.
I like those boots.
My comment was to the pairing of a natural (basically raw/unfinished/untouched) welt with a black leather upper. The contrast, for me, is simply too striking.
LS is apparently in very good graces with New Balance.
I'm not a huge color 8/antique edge guy, but those boots make a pretty compelling argument.
Order those 9, throw down a cool grand, and be done with it.
+1Black with natural welt has always been a head scratcher to me. There are certain combinations of leather color and welt that I don't care for (but that I still understand); however, the black/natural welt combo is one I simply do not understand. It seems confused. But obviously others see it differently ....
An Intervention will be in order - if he should even think of declining.
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