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What is the model number inside the shoe?
One of Alden's best.
Thanks for the kind words, fine sir.
Different enough, for sure, IMO.From lightest to darkest:Parisian brown mistyParisian brown museumDark brown museumDark brown misty
As far as I can tell, the devil does not reside inside my MKS tassels.
All three colors are nice. I own the 666, as well as a few others in dark brown suede (sometimes referred to as mocha kid suede). I own models in snuff and tan too. Of the three, snuff is my favorite.For your stated uses, I would lean towards snuff and tan. However, for me, tan is almost strictly a spring/summer shoe whereas snuff and MKS are year-'rounders.If you have plenty of snuff in your collection, I think the 666 is a viable option.
[quote name="Don L" url="/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/87400_50#post_7269116"]I'm not a PTB fan but those sure are beautiful Uncle  [/quote] blasphemy
A kind gesture as his first post. Welcome singh.
It is stock model 666 and is available for order (and perhaps in stock) at any of the Alden shops, plus TSM, etc.
This was the first thing I noticed when I saw the post.
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