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Perhaps more than any other style, many come to the shoe game disliking loafers (or at least finding them irrelevant) - only to come around after a few years.
Malvern in Chestnut on 202 is a stock model. As per the EG catolog, Malvern as a stock model comes in 6 colors - 3 on 202 and 3 on 82 (including Edwardian).The Malvern in Chestnut - on either the 82 or 202 - is a great looking shoe. I own it on the 82.
All comes down to personal style ...I personally would not wear those with cotton chinos of any variety.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/EDWARD-GREEN-MALVERN-OXFORD-LEATHER-MENS-DRESS-SHOE-BLACK-NEW-8-8-5-D-1-270-/331308834736?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4d238b9fb0 Item condition:New without box “Store display. Has minimal signs of wear.”
FWIW .....I recently confirmed pricing with Nick at BNelson.JR Resole - 150hidden channel - 50$200 (and this includes shipping both ways)turnaraound time 2-3 weeksIf one was inclined to add a flush metal toe plate, then add $40.
Another classic. In the interest of full disclosure, I may be biased as I own the Doak Dover on the 606 and the Black Chelsea on the 202.
Wonderful. Classic. Timeless.
The 82 is currently used for roughly a dozen stock models. Check out their catolog on ISSUU.
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