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Thanks for the side by side pic. I find the toe shape of the 72 much more desirable.
Can anyone speak to how close this shell color is to Alden's ravello and /or cigar:
^^ Regarding the shoe tree discussion, I use these for my G&G KN14 loafers and the fit is spot on:
Order direct, I have numerous times.Crockett & Jones - 92 Jermyn
In my experience, JL's quality control is top notch - if not in a class by itself, then pretty close.....I own the Chapel and City II and there were zero blemishes.
I only buy museum calf shoes if I have the option of return. Some museum calf shoes, IMO, are entirely too marbled, looking messy, even cheap. But museum calf done in a more subtle way is splendid. So far I have had good luck and have never had to return any - and I have museum calf in 4 different colors, including the City II in plum museum and dark brown museum.
I own the Luffield in Parisian brown museum and it is a wonderful shoe. Any of the colors you mention, including black, would be great choices.
Oyster is nice. EG has many really nice suede colors IMO.Another seldom discussed or pictured EG suede is mole.I have this shoe and find it very versatile: mine are on the 202 not 888.
About 6 months ago I inquired of using the KN14 on a non loafer MTO. While they recommended another last instead, they did say they would do it if I wanted it. The KN14 is one of the best loafer lasts on the market IMO. And the fit, for me, is great. I don't see why it wouldn't work on a variety of non loafer models.
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