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That toe seam is embarrassing. Return them on that basis.As for the heels, EG will tell you (1) it is not cracking (but rather appears like that due to the burnishing), (2) it will be remedied by a leather conditioner, and (3) it is not a defect. I'm not saying I agree with them, just telling you what they will say.... As for what your retailer might say, I do not know.Good luck.
I typically wear the same size for lasts 7000 and 8000; however, I find the 7000 a bit roomier. The 7000 =
Nice collection of color 8. It's the best shell color.
That's a nice boot. Even at $835, I would bet they will sell out.
Westminster is my favorite DM.
I have the exact Plaza color 8 boots in the pic. They are one of my favorite pair of boots, regardless of maker.
Well played, fine sir. Well played.
Damn. My last MTO was not only a few months late, but the right shoe and left shoe came as two different sizes.
Agreed. Plaza is number 1 for Alden boots in my book.
What color is that?
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