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Those are nice. The longer I have owned EG Burgundy, the more I appreciate it. It really is quite unique in the world of burgundy men's dress shoes.On that topic, does anyone own the Piccadilly or Montpellier in burgundy? If yes, PM me if you don't mind. Thanks.
Said Barrie earlier. Nice to see the switch to Aberdeen.
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-for-epaulet-snuff-suede-alt-wien-blucher Great shoe. Wish it wasn't on Barrie .....
The smell of it was enough for me to return them - and they were purchased new from a retailer. My entire Master closet smelled like them after one night's storage in there.
If thickness of sock is factored into the sizing equation at the time of purchase, I don't disagree with this. And I certainly agree that many styles of boots and shoes are not to be worn with dress socks.
Does anyone here own the Piccadilly and the Montpellier? If yes, which one gets more use? Thanks.
FWIW, I find I eventually stop wearing shoes/boots for which I must wear thick socks just to make fit. Perhaps that's because I'm not much for thick socks anyhow. But I also tell myself, for good or for bad, they are probably not the right size to begin with.
Claret is lighter than plum, and should not darken the shoes. If you see the claret cream in person, I think you will be surprised how light it looks (I was).
The folks at JL Costa Mesa recommend claret cream and claret wax for both claret misty and plum museum.
Nice shoes.I have many models on EG82 and JL7000. Both are nice lasts. Of the two, I would personally give the nod to JL7000, and the margin would be quite wide.
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