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I share the reluctance of those on this thread. IMO, suede is better suited for derbies and casual boot styles.
Not quite. But they also have a lower price tag. Many HG models are $700-ish whereas many EG models are $1,100-ish.
I prefer the 888 to the MH71.
C&J Handgrade models also are underrated.
The coniston never fit very well for me.That said, the tan grain version is nice. I don't do blue shoes or blue boots.
NST shoes - AberdeenNST Boots - Plaza, followed closely by Aberdeen
That right there is the brown shell PTB winner, IMO.
I've heard of throwing in some polish, extra laces, or perhaps even shoe trees - but never an infant.Cute kid.
That's a nice boot. And this substantiates my position that dark oak is primarily (and usually) a medium brown, not a dark brown.
I believe mdubs was suffering from a manic episode for an entire year. By the time he got help (and by that I mean his wife said "Mike, WTF?), his bank account had dwindled significantly - but he had really nice footwear.
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