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With the exception of some of the classic styles they have retained, they is so very true.
You're a better man than me. I would stop wearing them.
Jim is great to work with.
So true. So true.
Thought I would repost the above since Barney's sizing is again at issue. The post from C&J essentially means: take your UK C&J size (for me, UK8E) and go up 1/2 size at Barneys (for me US8.5D). For the most part this has worked for me. My typical US size is 9D.
I have ordered from Grafford before - the Skye boot in black scotch grain (on the box styled as the Skye 4 boot). They were good to work with.FWIW, I got hit with customs.
Wax calf is used for the Northcote boot.Personally I prefer the non-Wax calf of the Skye.
They haven't been offered by BBBF online for quite some time, but perhaps individual stores have them.
BBBF offered a black grain version too, back then.
I totally agree with this. I have black scotch grain Skye boots - I wore them last night and found myself thinking the same thing.
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