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I bought the same model from Alden NYC a few years ago. The squeakiness was completely absurd - bozo the clown is not an overstatement. In my case I had to return them due to a design defect (the monk strap stretched out by about an inch after a few wears), so I can't speak to whether the problem would have went away or not. Try baby powder.I have numerous monks from various makers - single and double - and have never heard squeakiness like I heard with those....
So true.
I am a fan of some, but not all, of B&M's make-ups (I own a couple). That said, Yenni is an absolute delight to do business with. I like those suede boots.
nice boots.
Bronze is nice. That will be a sharp shoe.
As compared to years ago, Alden, IME, is definitely making its Van lasted LHS loafer wider than they used to. I own them in 9B and 9C. The last LHS shoe I tried on was 9B, and it was too wide. The LHS I tried on prior to that was 9C and it was way too wide (indeed, wider than an "old" 9D used to fit).
Alden SF
Moulded Shoe does Commando:http://www.mouldedshoe.com/
Yes - numerous pairs, shell and calf. For professional business dress, color 8 and black are business staples for many.
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