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I have used Saphir neutral shoe cream and Saphir neutral wax on various dark oak models (including Westminsters) without any problems, and without the build up of white residue that some apparently have issues with. Sometimes I altar my neutral/neutral regimen with Saphir medium brown shoe cream and John Lobb dark brown wax. Note: Dark brown shoe cream will alter the color.
From Alden: "Style 44695 made on the Barrie last"
Great ensemble.
I have the burgundy one. A very versatile tie.
I will find out tomorrow thru my contact at the Alden factory.Other sellers have sold that boot on ebay as Barrie lasted.
It has all the looks of Barrie. Further, JCrew makes most of its models on Barrie.
I share your thoughts on suede oxfords.
Mdubs: nice whiskey family. Well done. I too sold my cigar jumpers from LS.
Great summer casual look.
Model 954 is color 8 and is a stock model. Send them to BNelson and get them resoled with JR leather.
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