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Ex vat the price is roughly $70 higher - $740 compared to $670
They look brown on my monitor. Nice shoes nevertheless.
IMO, yes. Bronze Antique is a much darker brown than Doak (at least the old Doak).
I have a Galway in this make-up (Bronze/Black CC). I also have a Doak/Walnut CC Galway (old Doak). I have various other Doak and Bronze models, but, on the whole, I have more Doak (simply an overall more versatile color, IMO). However, for the Galway - if pressed hard enough - I just might say I prefer the Bronze model.
Quite possibly the best Shannon make-up.
I own this Thorpe. It is a great boot.
Go with one of the three on the Hampton. For your stated uses, the last one you list - model 9841 - seems like a winner to me.At a similar price point, and if you go the captoe route (straight tip or perf tip), don't be afraid to go English - something like the C&J Hallam (Benchgrade) or C&J Audley (Handgrade) would work well.
Interesting ...My ravello and color 8 PTBs would be a few of the last Alden models I would part with, and I have a reasonably sized Alden collection.
A tongue pad is an easy $2 fix to minor heel slippage. Why would you remove them if you deemed it necessary to install them?
Thank you.
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