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Claret is lighter than plum, and should not darken the shoes. If you see the claret cream in person, I think you will be surprised how light it looks (I was).
The folks at JL Costa Mesa recommend claret cream and claret wax for both claret misty and plum museum.
Nice shoes.I have many models on EG82 and JL7000. Both are nice lasts. Of the two, I would personally give the nod to JL7000, and the margin would be quite wide.
A few years back I upgraded my black captoe oxford from C&J Connaught to EG Chelsea. The difference, IMO, is significant.
I like and buy both brands, including main line and prestige line from JL. JL's leather is no doubt buttery soft - but that is, for me, a good thing.
City II (straight tip) is main line - $1265 , 7000 lastPhillip II (perf tip) is prestige line - $1650 (comes with trees); 7000 lastBeckett (plain toe) is prestige line - $1750 (comes with trees), 8000 last
I would take a contrary viewpoint and suggest that business staple shoes - even if not externally flashy - are perfect for high end purchases.
Two wonderful models right there. The JL 7000 last is sublime.
Is there a reason why your JL comparative model wouldn't be a captoe (straight tip)? Just curious ....The City II comes to mind.
Both are in the burgundy family. Plum is darker. You will get more mottling with plum museum than you will with claret misty - but that's more because of museum vs. misty. I have both colors and like them.
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