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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum On a side note, how much does membership/stockholding of CSA cost/ how much do you get? Does it vary from city to city? I paid about $800 for the full deal I mentioned early on. It's 28 weeks of vegetables and eggs, then chicken and beef every other week. There are less costly options depending on the size of your family and whether you want the meat and eggs. Compared with our grocery expenditures,...
I was a die-hard G-2 user for a while - they were the only ones available with a narrow enough point (I have small handwriting), and I prefer a cap-less pen. I use a Parker now, which I like a lot. It's got good action.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 Wow this thread got stupid real quick. I would admit to having high hopes for a constructive discussion, as this is something I consider to be a worthwhile issue, but that usually doesn't last too long once here.
My change jar broke. It's an old glass cider bottle that I've had going for a few years. There has got to be at least $100 in change in there. When I woke up this morning, there was a hole in the bottom and change spilling out. I am not looking forward to sorting through the change and broken glass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster "Beatnik" as an insult? Let's make it happen. That, or let's all start wearing black berets. I'm cool with either. On it. It's way better than calling someone a dirty hippy. We'll also need to stock up black turtlenecks.
I was wondering where that beatnik comment came from. Are kids today so out of touch that they are talking about beatniks, or am I so out of touch that I am unaware that beatniks are either making a comeback or the word is now an acceptable insult? In any case, I go sockless about 50% of the time during the summer. I expected my feet to stink more, but clean feet and rotating my shoes keeps things from stinking.
I'm with you on this one. It started before I read his books, but they sealed the deal for me. I used to drive by a food processing plant, which turned me off to a lot of packaged foods, but didn't do anything concrete until last year. We try to eat only seasonal and local produce - there is a modified CSA that we joined that provides us with nearly all of the fruits and vegetables we eat each week. Through the same pickup we get beef, chicken, and eggs. The only...
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk Completely agree from the business perspective. But the kid in me loves that I'll have every Friday off until mid-June to use up my personal days. Other years I've let those days go into the trash, but with several cutbacks this past year, I'm getting my money's worth out of what I'm entitled to. From a manager's perspective, I'd like to see my employees use all of the time they have. They work hard, and...
Shakes the Clown - one of my all time favorites, but certainly not a popular choice. Vacation European Vacation Fletch Kentucky Fried Movie Animal House Naked Gun Another vote for Spinal Tap, Airplane, Billy Madison, and Caddyshack. I have a hard time liking Jim Carrey, but love the classic Chevy Chase films.
There are some canvas Paul Smith oxfords on ebay sometimes. They generally go for about $200.
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