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The Corso looks a lot like the Dickens from last year. Similar, if not the same broguing, wide last, etc. Just different colors (black and olive). Does anyone know whether those have been discontinued? The Caruso from a few pages back looks bad ass. They are nearly exactly what I've been looking for. The prospect of parting with another $500+ kills me, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 I'd love one as well if anyone would be so kind Thanks!!! Sent
+1 for brining. I'd brine any meat if you have the chance. It adds moisture and flavor in a way that marinade cannot, and is especially helpful if you are smoking meat. Almost all poultry benefits from a brine, as they are prone to drying out in the oven, grill or smoker. As far as the rub goes, it's helpful to know what and how you are cooking. Putting sugar in a rub is risky, since the sugar is likely to burn on the grill well before the meat is done. If you are...
Lots of good selections here. I would second YMC and strongly second Paul Smith for jeans and perhaps shoes. I would also add Gilded Age to the list.
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa Looking for like minded denim aficionados to work on developing nice cock fades. PM me. This belongs in the hall of fame.
Yes - I work as a director in the entertainment/e-commerce industry, so I can pretty much wear whatever I want. I try to keep it on the less-casual side of things, which puts me at least a step above most of my peers and all of my employees.
Dignity. I'm surprised no one has said that yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Does anybody know what the name of these Paul Smith shoes are? I saw it at the Paul Smith online shop for Japan. That might be the Chen, but I am not 100%. I would need to look at my pair at home - the captoe is similar but the last looks a bit wider. Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 This one looks pretty nice too, it might be mroe difficult to pull off though. Those look...
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Anyone have ideas on dealing with the grease factor? Do the dry lubes like white lightening not have this problem? White Lightning works well - you'll still get some potential for grease, but if you are diligent about cleaning the chain before application, it will be OK. You can also try a paraffin wax treatment.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 +1 on the Saloon, I'd say it fits RJ's criteria very well. Good selection, rarely deafening. +1 also on pizzeria paradiso--I read somewheres that the new Dupont location will also have a birreria Red Derby in Columbia Heights--good selection, all canned. Tonic in Mt Pleasant Quarry House in Silver Spring (IMMSMC, RJ is a fran of aventinus, which they usually have in stock) Tabard is pretty great, no...
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