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Cross post from Recent Purchases. Bought these Paul Smith York boots last week: Bought these Corso boots today. Thanks to Wulong for the eBay tip - hope I did not bite your size. My wallet hates eBay, anticipatory spending, and impulse purchasing. Now, if they would just get here....
Bought these Paul Smith York boots last week to take my mind off of the back room dealings for a potential promotion. Bought these Corso boots today to celebrate that promotion. My wallet hates eBay, anticipatory spending, and impulse purchasing. Now, if they would just get here....
Quote: Originally Posted by effang also more importantly, where is everybody getting their awesome striped socks from? +1 on Paul Smith. Try Gap or Banana Republic for a cheaper, slightly less cooler option. BR socks are on sale for $1.99 right now.
I was in a similar program. You can expect some people to be coming from the office and others to be dressed very casually. We had a fair amount of military folks, some of whom would come in uniform. Other people would come in suits or slacks and sportcoats. Jeans were the norm for many people. Professors will be in suits or in business casual. The manner of your dress probably matters most to you, not to the professors or other students. As long as you are...
I tip between $5 and $20 per person depending on the complexity and size of the items. It's always a good idea to offer a drink. I had one guy delivering a couch who just needed a cell phone charge.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe I'll continue on the shoe bandwagon. I'm no cobbler, but quality on a pair of laceups I have seems every bit as good as my NDC"s and Paul Smiths. Add me to this bandwagon. I don't own NDCs, but I would put the quality up there with the several pairs of Paul Smiths that I own. I like them enough to consider paying full retail for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini SA sizing is season to season as I've seen S's fit like M's and vice-versa. You'd probably play it safe just sticking to your own size. For BoO, you sound like a Large pushing to XL (16=L); you'd probably want to size up. Thanks Who.
Can someone explain the mysteries of BoO and/or Steven Alan shirt sizing? Search turns up little for me in the way of helpful info. For a common point of reference, I generally wear a 16.5 or large in J. Crew, which fits slightly snug in the shoulders. Thanks in advance.
I did South Africa in June 2006. We spent 15 days in SA and used Cape Town as our base for 10 days - we did a day in wine country, drove down to the Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island, etc. All worthwhile trips. We were at the Djuma Wildlife preserve for about 5 days, and stayed at one of the all-inclusive game lodges with a guide and all that. We had a lot of success with the guides. They were top notch and we were really taken care of. Over the course of 5...
The concept of "clubbing" is relatively foreign to me. I prefer "drinking." I guess some of the places where I've been drinking could be categorized as a club, but I don't really think going out for a few drinks is the same as going clubbing.
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