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Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I love stinky moldy cheese, specially the creamy kind. I'm not good at remembering all the names but I usually get my fix with aged manchego, raclette, ementhal and a lot more I can't remember. And I am ecstatic a deli that has a wide choice of cheese and European beer is gonna open near my place. +1 - the stinkier and runnier, the better, as far as I am concerned. Try St. Albray if you like the triple...
Quote: Originally Posted by wulong heads up for people, bought some ps boots from this guy a few weeks back and they're spot on. quick delivery and package is cool as! defo bargain if you're after some ps boots. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/fishyaubergine Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 ^^^ Can we see pics of the khaki (olive) Corso you purchased from him? I got a pair from him - they are actually the...
Jacques Imo's. He has a po boy place too, though I forget what it's called though.
I have a similar problem - I need at least a 17.5" for my neck but prefer the slimmer fit of a 16 or 16.5 (size large in JCrew). Since I almost never wear a tie but do tuck in my shirt, I buy most of my dress shirts in 16 or 16.5. I have some 17.5 slim fit shirts that I use if I need to wear a tie. If you never wear a tie or button your top button, buy the shirt that fits your body best. If you need to wear a tie, you will have to go MTM or get your shirts altered.
I guess I'll play. R&B RB11 Lightweight Denim* APC NS* APC Rescue Gilded Age Gotham 5EPxSF Earnest Sewn Fulton (.50, White*, Grey, and a washed one) * in regular rotation now. The 5EPxSF will get back into the rotation in the fall, as I didn't get too much time in them this spring. The others just sort of fall in and out the lineup week to week. Fall is corduroy time though, and I have a pretty deep bench there as well.
Paul Smith is probably closest to what you're expecting, but they are much pricier than BR. The BR sale other people mentioned may still be going on - I stocked up on about 15 pairs two weeks ago. You might also try Gap - they are not as stripey, but I liked some of their socks recently. Chorse123 also has a sock thread in B&S that usually has some high quality socks at a discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu Does anyone wear gilded age and can comment on the fit? Jeans fit true to size. I have not tried anything else. FWIW - the jeans I have from them are top notch. Natural indigo dye, good construction.
From faulty memory: PS Chen cap toe - navy blue suede Joyce zip-back boot - black dip dye Dickens brogue lace-up boot - black dip dye Miller wingtip - brown suede Corso brogue lace-up boot - olive green dip dye Fiorentini chelsea - brown leather Polo blucher - green suede with gum sole BR desert boot - brown waxed leather Gordon Rush driving loafers - black leather, brown nubuck Varvatos desert boot - tan suede CK motorcycle boot - black leather Chucks -...
Thanks guys - Central and Neelys will definitely go on the list to check out.
I have a business trip to Memphis coming up. I've had to go several times over the past two years, and I've made it a point to hit as many BBQ joints as I can, although many of the trips I've only had enough time to hit one or two places. I am at an impasse and I ask you, the BBQ aficianados of SF for some advice. This is where I've been so far: Rendezvous - felt like I had to go here, since it seems to be the standard bearer. Overall, a fun place to eat, but I...
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