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Lots of good recommendations. I second the recommendations for Al's cheesesteaks and Huong Que. I'll have to try some of other places in the Eden Center. There are a few other places I recommend: Duangrat's or Rabieng for Thai food on Rt 7 outside of Alexandria. Rabieng is good for the slightly more esoteric stuff. Across the street is Peking Gourmet - although it's not really my thing, they have great Peking Duck. I'd recommend anything with the spring onions...
Slightly off topic, but all the roper talk recently has me looking at the Frye Marco Ropers. I like the lower heel than the Lucchese and the brown suede color is speaking to me. Does anyone know how the sizing is? Runs large? Edit: here is a link:
I've had great success with Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni. Not much experience with the Jaffrey books, but friends have recommended them as well.
When I enter that code, it sets the sale price at $0 for every item. I've got a few pieces from Hickey. The pot leaf sort of blows, but some items are better than others. Other items are rather subtle - the coin pocket pants, for example, only have the pot leaf on the rivets.
Ouch. I'd go back to the store where you bought it or go back to Wrath Arcane with that. If you're nice about it, at the least, they may be able to tell you what to do to clean it. At the best, they'll tell you it's a defect and replace it.
Interested, depending on measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Yea Ricards are mainline boot Olive is a cool color, I dont know about it with dark denim tho, only because I'm not into shoe/pant combos where the 2 colors are close in value to one another, as olive and dark navy can be. I think the olive shoes would look great with tan slim khakis...or for the more adventurous a burnt orange pair of moleskin trousers Those seem darker than the Dickens, which might...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Gimmeshoes also has the dark olive Cages. It's growing on me, I just don't know if I can pull it off. Those look sweet. Dark olive is a great color with jeans or navy pants - I've got a pair of olive suede RL shoes and the Dickens in green, and I find each of them to be relatively versatile. Not black or brown versatile, but versatile enough to provide some variety.
Generally, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper only. If I am grilling, I will oil the grill but not the steak. If I am using cast iron, I won't use oil at all - most oils burn too quickly. Occasionally, I will make a rub out of freshly ground ancho chili powder, ground espresso, salt, pepper and garlic powder, but I usually just keep it simple. Never sugar or garlic - it burns right away.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Yes. I love the watch, it's not something I see everyday, well the color at least. I want to change the strap to a croc though to change it up a bit more. Not to threadjack... I've got the black face/black bezel version, but with a steel band. I assume that's their leather band? I've been thinking about switching to black leather. On topic - is there such a thing as green shoe polish or would I just use...
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