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Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Musts: -Cuffs -Pleats (at least four but talk to the guy and see how many we can fit on there) -An ironed-in pants boner Also, I like the idea of clipping my phone to my belt, but I don't like that I have to wear a belt to do it. Ideas? ***But in all seriousness, I am totally behind this idea. No back buckles plz, I don't see it fitting with the 5EP aesthetic. That's just about the funniest thing...
Just picked up a pair for myself. Couldn't use the free shipping code I got a little while ago, but still seems like a worthwhile purchase.
I'm also a UVA grad, and all too familiar with the horsey set. It's just like the local Foxfield races, although I doubt that some budding entrepreneur took up a collection to slide down the urinal trough in his brand new seersucker jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Do Fultons run true to size? Like if I'm normally a 34 would I get a 34 or size down/up? Denimbar have such a great price on them at the moment. In my experience, they run true to size. No need to size up/down.
I'm a former bicycle commuter - in my experience it's more about comfort and safety than it is about looks. The lack of the infrastructure and (generally speaking) a culture supportive of two-wheeled commuting in the States makes it difficult. Staying visible, dry, cool/warm, and safe were far greater priorities than looking like one of the Italians on the Sartorialist. That said, the brands that I have had some success with are those like Swobo, who offers wool and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Lithuanian actually. Quite possibly magyars, the least popular of the eastern europeans.
My usual wallet is made of zebra skin, with the hair still attached so you can see the stripes. Definitely a conversation piece, but not quite the hide quality of a nice wallet. Day to day, I prefer a money clip, as I like to avoid the wallet bulge.
There's a local company here in Charlottesville, VA called Robert Redd that seem to have good quality shirts, although slightly higher retail price than Lacoste. I do like my Lacoste shirts though - I like the lighter weave than Polo and was not overly impressed with Michael Kors, whose fit seemed odd. I have no financial interest in them selling more shirts, they are, however, acquaintances of mine. First post, etc.
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