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Ah, the Pata-gucci. I have more than a few of their short sleeve button downs in a breathable synthetic fabric, which are great if you spend a great deal of time outdoors in the summer. I've been to multiple outdoor music festivals and concerts over the past few summers as part of work (tough deal, I know), and they are an indispensable part of the wardrobe. You manage to stay cool and dry without looking like a total douche. I'm also a fan of the jackets and fleeces...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 This is to be expected anywhere Giants fans congregate. Rules for avoiding DC Amjacks and Smith Pointers-- 1. Avoid Virginia (sorry kronik). 2. Avoid Smith Point/Townhall. 3. To a lesser extent, avoid Adams Morgan. If you're OK with a mix of hipsters, I'd recommend the Black Cat, St. Ex, and Bar Pilar in the U st area (although St. Ex and Pilar have their share of yupsters, of which I may be one myself,...
Definitely not your imagination - all this inactivity has prevented me from goofing off at my normal levels. Perhaps we lost some of the usual trolls. We need a good flamewar!
The charlottesville show was great. The presence of ecstasy-addled high school girls could have swung it to either immensely positive or horribly annoying, depending on your perspective. Saw him at the Bonnaroo festival this summer too - great late night set.
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Ahmet Ertegun. He was the one "suit" that was as able to navigate among Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Ray Charles, and others, without ever losing his own sense of style.
Anyways, back to the subject at hand... First was a pair of Banana Republic jeans at the ungodly price of $80. Then a pair of SFAM bootcuts. Neither of these has seen wear in a while.
I have a pair of the Fultons. Although they are supposed to be a fuller cut, I found them to be relatively slim. Not ball crushing by any means, but slimmer than say, APC's Rescues. The dark wash would be fine as an additional dressy pair of jeans. Someone above mentioned that they thought the pockets were large. I didn't necessarily find this to be true, but perhaps it's a matter of sizing. I wear a 36 and thought the pockets were actually on the smaller...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" A fantastic place to dine is: Gary Danko. http://www.garydanko.com/ +1 on that. I'm not familiar with the city's neighborhoods, but these are places that I have had success with on the food front: - Le Colonial (french-vietnamese), - Slanted Door (as someone else mentioned), - Thep Phnom (Thai) - Burger Meister (no explanation needed - try the garlic fries and a fat tire beer) -...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC L to R: The Ugly Nice Girl, The Insecure Daddy's Girl, The Cougar, The Whore, The Fat Nice Girl that in Secret All the Guys Bang Mom?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Also, SantosLHalper might be my new favorite member name on this site. Thanks, it's good to be here.
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