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Quote: Originally Posted by ken What ever happened to that blond chick with all the tattoos? I thought she was hotter. I believe she quit the show, due to the production schedule. Either that, or too much competition from Kari.
I'm a believer in proper equipment for each situation. It's not comfortable riding for 30 minutes in street clothes, especially as the weather gets colder or wetter and there is less sunlight. And potentially, as you ride more, you may find yourself taking an extended ride in order to fill the time and get more exercise. A few things that I always found helpful for cold weather commuting were a neoprene skull cap to go under the helmet (you are wearing a helmet,...
It's sort of hurtin'. There's not much there, even at this point, and their sizing information (or lack thereof) always scares me off.
Jeans that will evidently turn you gay: http://cgi.ebay.com/john-varvatos-je...QQcmdZViewItem Either that, or they are only interesting if you are gay.
I mean, that's why I'm not bidding on it.
Classy denim 3-piece. It's sure to spark a bidding war.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Shagreen shoes by one Jean Gaborit: http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-shoes-sting...QQcmdZViewItem On first glance, I thought the line "the natural properties of this leather are well known,elegant,comfortable,robust" read as "elegant and combustible."
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy That will be a wiiiidddde belt. I would look at Police belts. Google is your friend here. I think that www.leathergoodsconnection.com would do one for you too, but finding an appropriately sized buckle would be the problem. I'd highly recommend the leather goods connection guys. I had them make a 1.5" double d-ring belt that's plenty wide. Looks good with jeans and is not totally overbearing. I can't...
Quote: Originally Posted by cloudhands69 Here's something interesting from GQ Nov 2006 - "25 most stylish movies of all time." Regarding Steve McQueen: "Another important consideration for McQueen was his backside. 'Mainly, he liked his fanny to look good,' sayd Van Runkle. 'We had to fit many pairs of trousers to get just the right look'" There you go. I think I'll consider myself corrected re: effortlessness!
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Bullshit. They knew what they were wearing, and they knew what they were wearing tomorrow. I should clarify: I am sure they knew what they were wearing, but I would stick to my originial statement that their style was a lot more effortless than the neurotic over-analysis that tends to go on here with some folks. I just don't see Steve McQueen or Marlon Brando spending a lot of time on the internet discussing...
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