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Two: Rescues are in regular rotation, Gilded Age get occasional wears.
Too bad, nothing really in my size. Would have jumped on a pair of straight down zips. If you're a 29, 30, 31, or 32 you're probably going to be in luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen There has been a surge in the last few weeks of new members reviving threads that are almost a year old. Downside from everyone preaching about the search function, most likely. That raises the question of what a new user would be searching for in order to revive this thread. I can't begin to imagine that thought process...
Quote: Originally Posted by ken What ever happened to that blond chick with all the tattoos? I thought she was hotter. I believe she quit the show, due to the production schedule. Either that, or too much competition from Kari.
I'm a believer in proper equipment for each situation. It's not comfortable riding for 30 minutes in street clothes, especially as the weather gets colder or wetter and there is less sunlight. And potentially, as you ride more, you may find yourself taking an extended ride in order to fill the time and get more exercise. A few things that I always found helpful for cold weather commuting were a neoprene skull cap to go under the helmet (you are wearing a helmet,...
It's sort of hurtin'. There's not much there, even at this point, and their sizing information (or lack thereof) always scares me off.
Jeans that will evidently turn you gay: Either that, or they are only interesting if you are gay.
I mean, that's why I'm not bidding on it.
Classy denim 3-piece. It's sure to spark a bidding war.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Shagreen shoes by one Jean Gaborit: On first glance, I thought the line "the natural properties of this leather are well known,elegant,comfortable,robust" read as "elegant and combustible."
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