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I tried them on at the PS Boutique in SoHo, agonized over it for a week, then pulled the trigger. They'll charge you retail, plus shipping. I didn't see them on sale anywhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu What about Paul Smith "Dickens"? Those are the ones I was thinking of. Bought them about a month ago. Just awesome. The difference is that the last is a bit wider than the Sundance, and they are available in olive green as well as black.
Paul Smith Sundance. There's another lace-up model too, can't remember the name, which is a little more casual.
These all look pretty good. I particularly like the first examples. You may or may not have tried Leather Goods Connection already. They have some similar options at a similar price, and are handmade. I've had pretty good luck with LGC so far - I ordered a double d-ring belt from them a few months ago and it arrived within two weeks.
A pair of Costume National boots for $50 a while ago. Looked great, but the angle of the photos did not show how square-toed and clunky they were in real life. I ended up giving them away. Mistake in progress: a pair of Gucci boots that I mistakenly bid on. I won't embarass myself by explaining how that happened. If they fit or are remotely as described, it won't be a total loss. If they don't, they'll end up in the BS forum or in a friend's closet. Overall,...
+1000 on Virgil's root beer. It's the elixir of the gods. Unfortunately, cannot find it around here. Dad's Root Beer is good, but I only recall seeing it on the eastern shore of Maryland, and it's not as good as Virgils'. In my experience, people named Virgil do two things well: make root beer and make BBQ. Abita root beer is fabulous, and you can sometimes find it on tap. Boylan's grape soda. I'm generally not a fan of fruit sodas, but I love this stuff even...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I line a baking sheet with non-stick foil and put the bacon on that. 350 should a fine temp. I have better success putting it under the broiler. If you keep an eye on it, you can hit that balance between crispy and chewy. Bacon is the reason I stopped being a vegetarian. Poor vegetarianism never stood a chance. I'm convinced that bacon really isn't meat at all - it's achieved some plane of existence...
I'd be surprised if this was not a requirement that you wear what they sell at the store. I'd also be surprised if they did not offer some kind of discount so that you would be able to buy some of the merchandise, especially considering retail wages these days.
PM Sent on the varvatos.
A merkin. I save that for church.
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