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Quote: Originally Posted by beasty In fact, I noticed many raw jeans have lesser interested buyers if they are washed. As for your 1st line, of course its the same thing as buying used unwashed denim. 1. Chick unwashed after banging like unwashed jeans - Check. Seen it too many times cos she is too exhausted. Many chicks dont shower regularly anyway. 2. Chick bearing the 'scars' of past banging like wear and tear in unwashed raw jeans -...
Quote: Originally Posted by beasty Actually I dont see whats the big deal. Many guys bang the same girl and she gets 'passed around'. On the average, a normal girl gets more than 6 sexual partners in her life time. Unless you are the first and last guy to screw her, you will always get sloppy seconds. Thats just a fact of life. Yeah, that's totally the same thing as a buying a pair of used jeans, which incidentally, I have no problem with...
Do you have measurements for the rag and bones?
Consider this another vote for Leather Goods Connection. I've got a double d-ring belt that I love. If I recall, it was less than $50 with "upgrades" from their basic options. The fact that you can get your belt fully customized and their turnaround time is less than two weeks is pretty sweet. I've also had a brown leather belt from the Gap that has taken on a nice patina over the past few years. It was on sale for $5, IIRC. Not the greatest quality leather, but...
I've been on for about a year. It's been good for work so far. I've actually had success posting job openings and getting back good, qualified resumes from people on there. I'd be interested in hearing if there are certain things other members are doing that are increasing their own hits, either from headhunters or otherwise - e.g. playing with the keywords, joining groups, or if they just happen to have a profession that is in demand.
Check out the fades on this kid's overalls: http://www.flickr.com/photos/library...ss/2179121221/
^^damn, I'm jealous.
I have experience with Channel Advisor, and would recommend against it. I have not used the ones you mentioned. The biggest gain we had was from using the upload tool - we could load everything into a spreadsheet and upload it all at once. With 30-75 items a week, it could probably save you a considerable amount of time. The templates were less of a big deal. The biggest sticking point was the additional commissions charged - it nearly doubled the cost of the...
Try threading them through the bottom cuff first, then putting on the shirt. That seems to help, at least partially. Either that, or grow a prehensile tail?
Looks like wear from the box itself. Considering that they were $15, they are probably old stock that is a bit shop-worn. I'd get over it.
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