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I have experience with Channel Advisor, and would recommend against it. I have not used the ones you mentioned. The biggest gain we had was from using the upload tool - we could load everything into a spreadsheet and upload it all at once. With 30-75 items a week, it could probably save you a considerable amount of time. The templates were less of a big deal. The biggest sticking point was the additional commissions charged - it nearly doubled the cost of the...
Try threading them through the bottom cuff first, then putting on the shirt. That seems to help, at least partially. Either that, or grow a prehensile tail?
Looks like wear from the box itself. Considering that they were $15, they are probably old stock that is a bit shop-worn. I'd get over it.
Glad I sized down on the 5EPs I recently ordered, but 3.5 inches of stretch is crazy. Always good to see another Dead Head at the styleforum, Warlok.
I don't change much from what I wear the rest of the time. I'll throw in some linen button downs, and polo shirts will get more rotation. Perhaps loafers or chucks with no socks. I've got a linen blazer that I wear pretty frequently, and I'll probably try to grab another one For outside the office, I go to Marshall's and get some black and/or grey crew neck t-shirts.
Cherry Coke Zero is pretty damn close to the real thing, especially if it's icy cold. It's much closer to the real thing than Diet Dr. Pepper, which I used to hold up as the gold standard of "tastes the same" diet drinks. Coke Zero isn't quite there, but much more passable to me than Diet. As for the chemicals, they can't be good for you. There are some studies out there about people who drink 1 or more diet drinks a day, which is a category that I fall into - it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Why didn't you nuts just buy them when they were on sale here at the forum...for cheap I could say that I like the excitement of bidding on used shoes, but that's not really accurate. I just missed this thread until it was bumped yesterday.
Dries Van Noten Palermo khaki pants. $41 on ebay, when they arrived, they still had the tags from Ron Herman, marked at $460. Can't believe I got away with that one. Fit is perfect, but they are a little light for winter wear. Also, GS, those Paul Smith boots are sick.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson MAN it'd be really REALLY great if Amerikajinda wasn't bidding on ALL these. I'd love to get a pair, but I don't want to get into a bidding war and end up paying $400 lol. Damn that Amerikajinda. And I thought I was the only one who felt guilty bidding against him. There should be some sort of coalition of people with 11.5 sized feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmm Did any of you get emails confirming your order went through? I didnt get one but I had emailed them about the coupon and they responded that they would apply it to my order but my order isnt listed in my account info or through email confirmation. I ordered about an hour ago and have not yet received confirmation. I too was unable to use the discount code, so I emailed them and am waiting on confirmation.
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