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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy If I fell into Chris wardrobe drunk, I'd emerge naked, except for some makeshift loinclothes made of scarves. I'm a reasonably lean guy, but I must outweight Chris by a good 40 lbs. yeah, I don't think his stuff would fit my left leg. Drunk or otherwise.
What I find impressive is that Leonard Leroy does what he does with a limited wardrobe. Maharlika's wardrobe is a significant advantage - I think I could fall down drunk in his closet and still come out looking better than I do right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by freelance robotics I usually wear my shirts tucked in, would I be able to wear raw jeans like that or would they stain the bottoms of my shirts? I have plenty of white and light-colored shirts that I wear with raw denim on a regular basis. Even though I don't wash the shirts until necessary, I haven't seen any rub-off. The risk may be overstated, but I would qualify my answer by saying that I spend a lot of time...
1991-1995, all boys catholic high school. We had a dress code - slacks, button down shirt, dress shoes. Occasionally a coat and tie. Wore a lot of Britches and Banana Republic. Everyone wore bucs or those lug-soled Timberland mocassins. Good times.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow   Incidentally, Vanessa Hudgens single-handedly restored my faith in internet-disseminated celebrity nudity, and for that I will always be grateful. He said disseminated.
Late to the party on this one, but... I buy everything "on sale" from "some guy/site on the internet" and the price I quote, only if pressed, is usually less than 50% of what I paid. People judge - I don't need to spend time justifying expensive jeans or shoes. I am usually honest about how much my debilitating blow-caine and hooker habit costs though.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree so the new revolve code is REVOLVEPEOPLE07 for 20% off. just wanted to share that with you guys. bought myself a pair of good society denims for $72! This code has expired. Does anyone have the new one?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tonybag0dohnutz Exactly how much stretch are in Rag and Bone jeans, in particular the rigid rb15 model? I ordered a pair through the DB web sale, and it said to size down, so I went with my usual raw jean size, and god damn are they tight. I can't get the top button done and am a bit worried that they won't stretch, considering they feel pretty sturdy and have the reinforced waist band. Am I SOOL or will these bad boys...
pm sent on the Guy Rover.
Quote: Originally Posted by beasty Dude, unless you hang out with the Amish or some super right wing religious chicks, trust me, its all like that. I was always told that the amish chicks put out. All these years....wasted.
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