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I typically wear an 11.5 US and fit best 10.5UK in most PS stuff. I think it's the width that does it for most people with the "fashion last" stuff. I have a pair of the Starrs in 10UK that fits fine lengthwise, but is slightly narrow (but not uncomfortable) on one of my feet. The Dickens boots, which are not on the fashion last, are a little wider, but I found the 10.5UK to be the best fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by aaronxxx check out alternative apparel I second that. In fact, I think their stuff is much better that American Apparel - we use it for a lot of screen printing here. I guess they are also a local business for you, too.
Not sure if anyone else is in Lost Vegas this week for Magic, Project, or Pool (or the women's lingerie show for that matter), but I thought I would make a few comments about the usual suspects and a few new ones in case anyone else is here. First off, for anyone that used to come to Magic but no longer does, it's probably the right decision: even with 100k+ people, it's still totally dead. Project and Pool are much more interesting, although I would hesitate to say...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart oh yea about this look....not a fan of the 2 guys in the pics. I actually think it can look ok if you roll them halfway from ankle to knee. Maybe with a pair of short boots or some kind of seriously sick trainers. (not converse) helps if you're covered in tattoos too. I saw a guy with the rolled up jeans (nudies) at Secret Service the other day and I remember taking some mental notes on him, that it looked...
Quote: Originally Posted by landho It's impossible to search for 5EP for some reason, so: how is the 5EP Low Down Bootcut sized? Do they run true to size, or should I size up or down? Also, if anyone has any recommendations for slim-fitting bootcuts, please let me know. Thank you! If you buy the raw, SF wisdom recommends sizing down to accommodate stretch on these.
I think a lot of it depends on the cut and weight of the jeans. To my eyes, a lot of WAYWT posters show that certain sleeker dress shoes or boots can and do work with jeans. I wear everything from chucks to chukkas to boots to dress shoes with different pairs of jeans, depending on my mood, the occasion, the weather, and what shirts are clean. That said, there are some dress shoes that are not likely to work for me or anyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I tried on a pair of rag and bone lightweight jeans this week that were extremely soft. They are, however, a summer jean. http://www.havenshop.ca/ShowProductD...aspx?PK_ID=118 I own a pair of these and would highly recommend them, especially if you need a break from raw denim. They'll be a great summer jean. Just make sure to try them on in the store - they don't stretch much and sizing can be a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy If I fell into Chris wardrobe drunk, I'd emerge naked, except for some makeshift loinclothes made of scarves. I'm a reasonably lean guy, but I must outweight Chris by a good 40 lbs. yeah, I don't think his stuff would fit my left leg. Drunk or otherwise.
What I find impressive is that Leonard Leroy does what he does with a limited wardrobe. Maharlika's wardrobe is a significant advantage - I think I could fall down drunk in his closet and still come out looking better than I do right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by freelance robotics I usually wear my shirts tucked in, would I be able to wear raw jeans like that or would they stain the bottoms of my shirts? I have plenty of white and light-colored shirts that I wear with raw denim on a regular basis. Even though I don't wash the shirts until necessary, I haven't seen any rub-off. The risk may be overstated, but I would qualify my answer by saying that I spend a lot of time...
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