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Has anyone seen these: http://paulsmith.co.uk/jackets-197/b...1/product.html
Gilded Age Gotham.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart That's the sundance brogue boot yep, the Dickens from F/W 07. The last is quite a bit larger (wider) than the ones used on sundance/starr. My usual size was WAY too large and the store didnt get them any smaller. The olive green ones haunt me still. I tried them both on while at the SoHo store. I've got a weakness for green shoes for some reason, but I liked the black a little better. Funny...
[quote=Tarmac;901847] my homie on Sufu bought and sold these a while back, I have never seen them anywhere else, they have a more rounded toe: QUOTE] These are the Dickens, I believe. Like the Sundance, except a wider last. They were available last year in black and olive green. I've got a pair of the black ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart btw, when I was talking with my SA last week, she said that they are planning on changing the construction of the Starr to a cemented sole that is flush with the uppers which will completely take them out of the picture for me, if that's indeed the case. There were 2 pairs made in this way (not starrs but some other style) at the stores now, and it left me sad and depressed. Totally lame.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon LOVE Them, but I actually like clams better..... when I eat oysters, I have a preference for oysters from the Northeast of the USA, followed by Paris, Southeast US, Gulf of Mexico , and least of all west coast oysters...(I haven't had any others). Anybody else out there prefer the east coast to the west coast? I find the oysters to be meatier with a bit more of an ocean flavor where the west coast oysters seem to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart foo', already did at the store when SA wasnt looking I've bought most of my PS shoes/boots at full retail and are one of the rare items that I've NEVER regretted paying full price for. Shit there's as boot from last winter that I'd pay a premium to get in my size since I was too stupid to get it when I had the chance. Agreed - I don't regret what I've paid for the shoes. Or my rampant douchebaggery.
I've bought PS shoes at full retail and on sale. You pay a lot for the name, but the shoes are really nice - well constructed, good fit, etc. It's unlikely that you'll find them on sale. You may just have to bite the bullet and spend the cash if you really like them. Those are sweet though. It would kill me to pay retail for them...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Cold soak them for awhile, let them hang dry half way (to get most the water out), then wear them damp until dry. Walk to the store or something while they're a bit damp and they won't shrink and possibly stretch a bit more for you You could also try a spray bottle with some water in it if you don't want to soak the whole pair of jeans. They'll stretch where you spray them.
Hang them upside down when they are drying - the weight of the water plus the extra weight of the waistband should help preserve the length. SuperBobo's suggestion works well too - you might do both. In my experience, there is no need to overthink this.
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