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Awesome sausages. I've been meaning to try the mortadella recipe. The Ruhlman book is excellent - I would also recommend the seafood sausages that he includes in there, which are pretty versatile for adding other seafood elements. I've also had good luck with the Aidells book. It's substantially less technical than Charcuterie but there is a wider variety of recipes and some interesting ones, such as a Thai poultry sausage. Makes me want to break out the smoker...
After a lot of different attempts, I've had success with RRL Officer Chinos, Unis, Incotex, and Hickey (not Freeman). Good construction and materials on each. As others have mentioned, RRL is a wonderful pair of pants. Unis has a uniformly slim straight cut that is very versatile, although their cuts have changed recently to be more tapered. Incotex also makes a great flat front pant that is reasonably slim without being crushing, but for me, it straddles the line...
Doing some closet cleaning and need to move a few items. Pricing is pretty aggressive as I'd like to move them, and I will deal on multiple items if you want to make me a reasonable offer. Everything includes shipping in CONUS. Paypal only. Kicking Mule Workshop Selvage Chinos - marked 36 $OLD 5EP Chinos - marked 36 $40 W: 18.75" across FR: 13" BR: 16" I: 30" H: 9.5" Classic chino cut with 5EP construction and details: gusseted crotch, melamine buttons, zip...
"I don't know why they call it Hamburger Helper. Tastes fine by itself."
Quote: Originally Posted by dave got the last pair they had on bluebee actually. unfortunately, i already want a pair of the cordo jobs like GS has. I got a pair as well - they disappeared from the site right after I placed my order, so I must have been close to the end. Unfortunately, mine are not scheduled to arrive for a few more days. The other half of my order was cancelled, but I can't complain too much about the deal on the boots.
I've had good success with LowePro and Tamrac. Depending on the model, the interior sections can be configured to hold different cameras and lenses, which is helpful. It's been a while since I last bought one, but I think there are models that are configured to hold a laptop securely, in addition to cameras and accessories. Most are pretty low-key on the outside, but are generally in the ballistic nylon/cordura vein.
Yet another vote for D'alessandro's in Roxborough. Jim's is also good, but D'alessandro's was the best in my (admittedly relatively limited) experience. Pat's and Geno's were absolutely tourist traps. Tony Luke's for the roast pork with greens and sharp provolone.
I could only dig up two old photos of my bikes. '94 Bontrager Race-Lite. It's built up with old-school XTR, Cook Brothers cranks, and a Ringle wheelset. I also have a '91 Bontrager Race with a Bontrager fork that is built up with old-school XT and top-mount shifters. I haven't ridden either Bontrager much since I got this: '04 Seven Verve This picture is out of date, I recently upgraded to Avid Juicy Carbon discs and a Bontrager Race Lite wheelset. Such...
I am interested in a 10UK.
I keep it simple and use a modified Churchill method. fill shaker halfway with cubed ice a substantial pour of gin a glance at the bottle of vermouth 3 olives Shake vigorously and pour into chilled martini glass. I tend to prefer Hendrick's or Bombay Sapphire, but Gordon's will do if I am on the cheap.
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