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well it depends upon your choice where ever you want , can wear it
Better go for the new one rather choosing the used one
Go for the leather stuff. It will help you keep warm. I never had been to Canada, so no knowledge how cold its there in your season, but yes leather can help you remain warm
I never cycled neither i want to, he shoe you have mentioned are ok, but i would prefer to be with my choice of sporty shoes
What you guys prefer for your wife to wear on your wedding? Some heavy bridal lehengas, or saree or what else ? Please mention.
Nice one dude ! Why didn't this idea came to my mind early, any ways you got lucky.
"aportnoy" you quoted nice pair of shoes. Even i liked those ones. The most i liked was, second from left start
Well, let me think over it. If yes, then i would definitely make my mind and bring you in contact for the same. But I am interested in that pair of 13 size edward grees loafers
It hardly takes 3 minutes to get ready. I never paid such kind of attention what suits me, or what better fits me.
I am in my casual outfits, wearing jeans and t - shirt , combination of yellow and blue
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