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He got banned from the Buying and Selling "other" section. I understand the feelings towards non-repped members like me. However, I DID take the chance myself, and it worked out perfectly. Now, as soon as I get the time, I will try my best to prove with pictures that this dude is legit.
As the title says, I am looking for some APC NS Jeans in indigo and size 30 Hit me up!
^ditto I paid 240 for my new 4th gen 32gb off ebay
Hey all I'm on a shopping spree for the following items: Any style/color of Flat top retrosuperfuture sunglasses PRL,other nice brands of DARKER COLORED v neck cardigans and v neck sweaters  APC NC and NAF jeans size 32-33 Darker colors of corduroy pants size 31-32 (Michael bastian, etc) I'm located in NY, USA so hit me up by PM with your items and offers!!
Hey I just wanted to do an authenticity check on these LV evidence sunglasses. No offense whatsoever to the person selling this, I just want to be on the safe side Apparently the LV evidence is supposed to have a bag for a cloth and this one does as shown in the pictures. However when I asked the seller if he had the cloth, he said he lost it, but ive read a guide before and the guide said that real lv evidences do not have cloths as the soft bag doubles as a...
If only the UA cardigan was a M...
Also, a receipt would be a plus!
I'm looking for authentic LV evidence sunglasses any color, but they must be EASTERN FIT must have case and cloth! Please let me know thanks I can pay by paypal.
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