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New models?
Hey guys. A bud of mine is telling me that I need to go see an LH Bob Clothier when he's in town next month. I tried the search function but cant seem to find anything on him. Does anyone have any experience with him? Thx in advance.
I'm so close to taking a gamble on either one of those whiskey color shoes. .5 too small.... I think they might be alright though.
Why one would get rid of those...... shame about the size.
Few ties from E-hab. I wasn't sure about the Lawrence Napoli neckware as no one seems to say anything about them. Found them to be alright in terms of quality. and Sadly lost a drakes auction of spoos
what size are you typically? and what do you feel the size on these should be?
saw some of these on E hab. Anyone have experience w them? thx
6 as in six? Mother of god-- you lucky M-
Far too kind!
Yeah. just a sharkskin grey.
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