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I don't know if this qualifies as 'shit mall brand' or not I don't typically wear any fragrance at all, but if I do this is what I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by boots For Robbie. Buy this man, available at Topman right now, and on sale! couldn't find it on should I check Quote: Originally Posted by jet I rather enjoy being an elitist prick.
Does this jacket fit a little slimmer through the body than like a baracuda? It looks to have an overall slimmer fit... Also, I'm jealous you're able to wear a harrington, its hotter than hell this week. I got several harringtons hoping to rock them, only to evaporate each time i've tried. with the right jean, these can be rocked much like NB. In high school they were around 8 something so you could walk out of Wal-mart with these a sams choice cola and 3 hershey bars for 10$. It was the shit.
^^^ that is exciting, his 'new amsterdam' stuff is slightly trad WWM... it'll bee interesting to see the direction he takes the line in.
^^^ it's true but megan fox is hot in that girl next door (if next door is a trailer park) sort of way.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy an sf meet-up with vox, guido, lk, kwilk, iammatt, matt, magician, kunk, g33k, thomas, sho'nuff, j, edmorel, gdl, foo, moo, manton, rube, jlibourel, teacher, nyranger, whodini, hoss, mana, piobaire, etc, etc, etc (and me of course) that ended up with punches thrown and blood all over aldens. i'm @ the airport, and thats like 30 people only about 4 of wom i've met.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Gingers are so mysterious and cute as shit. ftfy
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