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Drop to 100. I need the cash for Fleet Foxes tix.
you guys are hillarioius. his cuffs looked way better than mine IMO
NY Strips for Independence Day.
Growing up my mother was so afraid of food borne illness she insisted I ate all steak Well-Done leaning towards Charcoal. I like dull pink. I always order them that way because Medium seems to be BRIGHT red, and Medium Well is always too grey.
Drop, better pictures. Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl do you have measurements? I am not entirely sure how a person measures shoes,hope this is beneficial. If not, let me know which measurements you're looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks just wondering, why is the alden font on the heel different? Is it a different or older line? These are older.
drop to 125 shipped CONUS
For sale is this pair of sz 10 Alden wingtips in brown calfskin. They have been worn plenty, but were taken care of and still have plenty of life in them. SOLD
Found a pair of sz 10 Alden wingtips today.
Pretty sure i've heard/read the domestic production for most Levis/LVC is somewhere in or around LA.
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