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I catch hell there too. Scott M and some other dude talk lots of shit, but whatevs.
I took a lot of shit for losing my metabolism on this fora. i am totally bitter.
yea, ok.
I've lost like 15#, I can fit into my rockers again. I don't know that they're my aesthetic anymore, but its nice to know they fit again.
^ my last boss used to call me 'Cobra' every day.
bigskip - It's my roy jeans,a buzz sweat, and redwings... on my monitor it's all visible enough, hence the 'ss/dd' also if I had taken the time to take another picture my nosy neighbor would ask me what the fuck I was doing.
the last pictures I posted sucked, here are some better ones : 9 months 3 washes I suck at combs, the bees around must be on crack or something. They're jumbled as hell. not ready for the 'train tracks' thread
Wal-Mart, site to store.haha, Target IS evil.
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