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ohh shit, pogs. I remember blowing so much allowance on Pogs. They were like a penny a piece for the longest time I had one of the HUGE lava tubes (I think thats what they called it). A friend had the best slammer ever. I think he used 2 or maybe even 3 susan b anthony coins and bonded them together w/ JB Weld or something crazy like that. I remember Apollo 13 came out and Hardee's released like 90 pogs or something crazy over the summer. They'd release 12 each...
the heineken ads are terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark will jump the shark with Kutcher wait, this show 'WILL' jump the shark? as in, you believe it hasn't already?
If you wanted to drop a little coin, I am sure Double Volante , that shop Weft, or some of the other MTO denim companies could do this for you. OR you could probably have a tailor (or your grandma) sew on a watch/zippo pocket on the left side.
his haircut is pretty epic.
That slicker is great Kissi.
^ put me on ignore if it bothers you so much. or log in to suFu and neg rep me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol robbie ... the sweater came up a little and the pants are lowrise. cry me a fucking river.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wupper I like the way you show the world your sexy belly! gee thanks,
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