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Quote: Originally Posted by hurhur The gf wanted me to post a pic of her on here. liar. It's okay to post this and say 'look at how cute my girlfriend is'. It's true, she's cute.
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz A $30k college education without having to pay for it. fuck, i'm jealous. I got about $200 worth of gifts when I graduated HS. My grandfather told me 'don't buy the cow if you can get the milk for free' and gave me 2 or 3 oz of Johnny Walker Blue. My dad bought me the best steak I'd had up to that point. My mom gave me a nice hug and a cheesy card. I am on hiatus from college. If/when I finish I'll...
The Wrangler Bluebell 27MW is a good denim western shirt. I think it is available from Wrangler Blue Bell (, iirc), or it turns up on rakuten new/used quite a bit also. -rF Here is a NOS Small 24mw on ebay
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'm easy- vintage Omega Seamaster I thought I posted in this thread already. I would definitely like one of these, or a Rolex Datejust (?) with an orange face. I think anything else I want I could probably get eventually.
ohh goodness, step down into plebhood and visit your local TJ Maxx,Ross,Marshalls,Et Cetera...
I agree w/ all the sentiments expressed about a large part of our childhood being gone. I remember when I was maybe 4 or 5 we went to see WWF live and occasionally all the neighbors would pitch in and order a wrestlemania and grill out. RIP
So far i've liked 'Helplessness Blues' by Fleet Foxes, and I haven't listened to it yet but I think Explosions in the Sky put something out kind of recently. I just read about 'Rome' and want to check it out. I didn't think it was that sort of project but I also think I heard they might try to tour w/ it. The new Bon Iver should be pretty good too.
The Beatle Busters are a great jean, I think Okinawa's are the better of the two though.
I thought Aaron Draplin was going to be in Lincoln,NE on May 25. Instead he'll be here on the 18th. I could have asked off I'd have known this a few weeks back. So I miss getting to meet him and hear his talk about graphic design etc.
ohh shit, pogs. I remember blowing so much allowance on Pogs. They were like a penny a piece for the longest time I had one of the HUGE lava tubes (I think thats what they called it). A friend had the best slammer ever. I think he used 2 or maybe even 3 susan b anthony coins and bonded them together w/ JB Weld or something crazy like that. I remember Apollo 13 came out and Hardee's released like 90 pogs or something crazy over the summer. They'd release 12 each...
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