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^ I wore jeans for about an hour in Tulsa, OK today and nearly evaporated, its hot outside.
If she's 16 I'm 12 and a half.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini International laws, bro. Hands are tied. sonofabitch! next your gonna tell me tap water is gonna fuck the fades up on my jawnzs'
fuck. can you proxy me some of that triple distilled water? I can't go back to Hanes beefy tees, shit messed with my chi.
'tent shorts' I shit you not, thats the name of the shorts. The name alone makes me think they're cool.
I was going to suggest you check out Sufu's 'shoes that look better with age' thread, but Pablo-T did the job for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 Robbie are you a Lambda? Or just wearing the letters I just happened to find the shirt, I am not a member of any fraternity.
'no fashion, just clothes fatass' -- I went ahead and said it so uncontrol doesn't need to waste a post reminding me how he feels about my fits. vintage Russell athletic cone x roy beaters
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