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very nice.Found some AE Hillside's. They are much too large for me so I'd like these to go to a good home. Reasonable offers accepted.
Today I heard the most amazing news ever. I started a new job, and a co-worker asked " so what do you do for fun man?' I of course replied with the typical 'Sports' 'blah blah, and then eventually I got to my only true hobby "I go to goodwill, and occasionally sell what I find online". Then, he says " Ohh man, you need to go shopping w/ my old lady. She knows this place over in (none of your business) where they give you a paper bag for 5$. You can put anything you want...
-- I don't know if the Spanish sets are as expensive as the ones in English (which I know are like 150 new or so) but I got this set today for my M.I.L. for 20$. She teaches a class at her church and is always in need to Spanish language Bible story books for the families in her class. found this cool goose down jacket as well: some more details on the blog : awemator
Thanks for all the kind words gentlemen. Found these at a local junk/antique/second hand shop. more on my tumblr
I really wish there was an active SW&D version of this thread. The things I find are often only on topic because they were found in a thrift store and so rarely MC type stuff. -rF
supertalk has been up for a few days now.
holiday triptophan(sp?) hangover
I found these cuff-links today. They look to be some type of cast metal. Also, a shameless plug for a new Tumblr i started.
gahhh, seeing uncontrols fit makes me miss Sufu all that much more
yea, sounds like the St Vincent de Paul thrifts. They always have really clean/nice furniture and antiques with fair market prices, and then clothes for really cheap. I bought some nice (i don't know shit about shoes) Florsheims for like 2$, but they wanted 50$ for a chair.
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