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man you gotta bunch through a shit-ton of hoops to post pictures here these days. Tortoise Shell Bausch and Lomb Wayfarers.
s s left field x the hill-side dd need a hem, but a ton of fun. I am very pleased with the fit.
I am not about to read through the 600 pages since my last visit, but here is an almost styleforum approved fit from yours truly. happy anniversary and so forth.
generic breton style sweater Left Field RW 8111
this x 1000000000000000000000
A gold watch is something men earned after years of service, so strange the man left it in the box, and on top of that the fact it ended up in a thrift store for 8$. These are the sorts of finds I yearn for. And Standard Oil is/was a pillar of the Oil industry, this watch is all sorts of awesome. I believe Standard oil became 'Chevron'.thanks!The AF is nice, but not anything particularly special. That was a standard tag in the mid 2000's.
Could any bookbinder do this? Would it be a specialty service or something I could find in most places? I do want to have it re-bound as it's showing it's age a bit.
The aforementioned 1865 leather bound King James bible I found on Monday. The inscription reads: “This Bible was presented by the Rev.d Thomas Howard to Christian Corwin for committing to memory a select portion of Scripture. January 1. 1865 John V. 39. ‘Search the Scriptures’. “
I go away for a few days and come back to 800 posts. Holy moley, you guys are busy. For a minute I thought all the good stuff was gone, and then today hit the mother lode. (I will edit in pictures when I have proper light) today I found: Leather Bound King James Bible inscribed "... Jan. 1 1865" Upon seeing the date I hoped it was a Union soldiers bible, but upon reviewing the inscription it is nice but not as stupendous of a find as a soldiers bible. This one was a...
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