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If you put a sleeping bag in the trunk, nobody will notice.
I live in Georgia. I wear cotton and seersucker which both would be fine for most, non black-tie/outdoor, weddings.That shark wool comment was supposed to be a joke and I agree with you about wool.Also, if the jacket is fully-lined with a fabric that doesn't breathe like silk, that would probably make the biggest difference in heat retention right?
True. And it's made from shark wool, which wicks away moisture because of the ocean.
Absolutely, the Hickey Freeman suit looks very nice, and it's better to be hot but happy in any suit than cool but miserable in any other.
You could buy a BB suit in wool and a BB suit in Cotton for the same price as the Hickey, right? And you won't sweat through it on a hot summer's...
You're supposed to cut the thread and open the pockets. Use them how you wish. If you put stuff in the outside pockets, they can cause the jacket to "droop" or slouch and also bulge out a little bit. But who cares? If that's what you want, that's what you want. edit: And no, leaving the thread in does not help protect the integrity of the pocket. If you don't put stuff in the pockets, they will maintain their shape perfectly. (Forgot to answer your initial question.)
Those jeans with those shoes? Do you drive a Saab?
The Hickey is probably a little bit nicer than the BB? But also more expensive. And a wool suit in June? I hope it's indoors.
Some of my worst decisions were made with help from JNCO.
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