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Hi There Pen Friends I recently bought a Diplomat Excellence fountain pen (chrome nib) brand new and am concerned about the cap not fastening securely. It clicks down but then moves back and forth up to a millimeter and doesn't feel that secure. It was "floor stock" from the display case, so is it possible it's worn or is this simply a feature of the pen? I mailed the manufacturer but had no reply, so thought somebody with the same pen or more knowledge in these matters...
Quote: Originally Posted by GTR It could be worse I find that Bape guy disgusting.. what he did to the 300sl is a hanging offense
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Lombardi's Ghost I covet one of these cars at the moment, an alfa romeo gtv 1750. Unfortunately good condition samples are out of the range of a the price I would pay for a car of that vintage (about $15,000 for a rust free model with a good paint job). I've thought about alternatives but just keep coming back to this cars lines. I have a very poor example of one of these cars.. Hope one day for it to...
airplane bathroom on final approach?
my 1964 Lambretta LI125.. I've actually just finished painting it and it has a new seat now. Great fun for getting around London when it's not raining!
all thanks for your feedback, very constructive. I've taken general steps to simplify the interface a little bit on your suggestions. Also moved twitter up as per Kunk's suggestions.
I've been working over the last couple of months on setting up the foundations of a digital agency, with a friend. What's a digital agency you ask? Well we aren't quire sure ourselves yet, but at the moment it will centre around website creation (Joomla CMS), strategy, marketing and SEO. Nothing unique there on the surface, but we hope to put our own spin on things and do some great work. The company will be called LightBulb Digital and will operate predominantly...
Had my girlfriend's parents over for dinner last night Duck seared then roasted medium rare Pears poached in red wine, with cinnamon and sugar radiccio and rocket salad with toasted hazlenuts unfortunately no pictures next time
PG, what are the tan suede boots you are rocking in lots of these pictures. Apologies if this has been answered. I did trawl the thread!
UK Masterchef
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