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Morning. Today's Australian has an article on bespoke tailors. Zink and P Johnson are mentioned, however there is a mob in Adelaide, Tailors of Distinction listed. Does anyone have experience with them?
http://thelondonlounge.net/gl/forum/...pic.php?t=4842 Sastreria Cheverny is Recoleta, BA.
That is a very nice coat. I had two suits made at John Kent on Stafford St. when Darren Beaman was there. These are fantastic, my wife loves them.
One would not wear anything manufactured by Barbour while frontpointing. Ice destroys natural fabric.
Is this Biotechnology? Some sort of research that can be commercialized? International participation? If so, then your pick is spot on. Since the new century, such events or conferences are well-attended by government types trying to recruit either scientists or companies, and venture capitalists or hedge fund managers that want to get dibs on IP of "the next big thing." Full disclaimer: not a scientist. Had the pleasure in my youth to work peripherally in this world, and...
Gero Rio and Fasano
Absolutely. Sastreria Cheverney - http://www.thelondonlounge.net/forum...hp?f=33&t=4842
I read/buy this every so often on the road. I sometimes enjoy, and other times dislike, reading Brule's column in FT. The best and worst parts are in this magazine. Rather simplistic worldview.
Fasano not to be missed. Best Italian in the Americas, and fantastic for business entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 I don't know about that being the very best, it is pretty good though. I'm pretty fond of Nando's peri-peri sauce... I'm pretty fond of their commercials
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