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Have a look at inner harbour (Balmain, Drummoyne, Greenwich, Longueville, Hunters Hill, et al.). Excellent ferry service which will have managing directors from Macquarie, AMP and other firms onboard every morning. Eastern Suburbs funner for those without kiddos.
Yes, I wore one of these into the ground, lasted ten years. Very good stuff.
Mexico City might be the most formal in Latam other than Santiago, in the circles political and financial circles that you describe. Dark colors, mainly mid-grey and charcoal, and sometimes navy. French cuffs. Sao Paulo is a little more business casual, less ties however usually a nice sports jacket in the same circles. Panama actually v dressy in those circles, and dark colors rule. BsAs would be shades of grey, plain color shirts w/no cufflinks, lots of darker striped...
Excellent suggestion. If you want to get out of the CBD, and enjoy fantastic Italian food, suggest any of the restos in Haberfield.
Do you see yourself flying more privately in the future? If so, you should have the conversation with the brand-name fractional jet folks like Netjets, Flexjet, et al. Your problem will be the distance between NYC metro airports and Montana, which means you'd have to have something with range over 2,000 nm, which means bigger equipment and operating costs. The fractional folks wouldn't need to leave their equipment there for a week, could possibly be flying somewhere else...
Like an envelope of cash at the end of each month. You'd still have a lease. Hope the ATO isn't reading.
Have a look at Balmain, Drummoyne and Hunters Hill (Inner Harbour), as you will be working in Darling Harbour and can catch a ferry on either the NSW or Captain Cook Parramatta River service. Drummoyne will have homes in your price range, and all three have lovely parks. Hunters Hill/Woolwich will be the dearest option, however there would be some affordable places closer to Gladesville, and the schools are some of the best PS in Sydney metro. Tip: you'll get more in SYD...
Morning. Today's Australian has an article on bespoke tailors. Zink and P Johnson are mentioned, however there is a mob in Adelaide, Tailors of Distinction listed. Does anyone have experience with them? Sastreria Cheverny is Recoleta, BA.
That is a very nice coat. I had two suits made at John Kent on Stafford St. when Darren Beaman was there. These are fantastic, my wife loves them.
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