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I have noticed that this bulging is very common to AE shoes and is to some degree inherent in how they are constructed. Take a new AE shoe and put in a flat surface and look at it from the side. You will see that the heel does not come down flat on the surface, but rather the back edge of the heel makes contact with the surface but the front end of the heel does not. Since the shoe does not have a steel shank, when you apply pressure from standing the heel will flatten...
Try getting the sole wet, then put the shoe trees in and let them dry out. They should reset themselves.
I have had this problem with AE shoes, the five last in particular. I put some tongue pads on the tongue which effectively pulls some of the slack out of the throat, creating tension front to back. This has tightened it up for me so that the issue largely goes away.
I find that this happens with most of my Allen Edmonds shoes including the Strand, Cambridge and Leeds, all shell cordovan models. The fit is fine and they are comfortable, but the throat of the shoe is sloppy. This has never happened with any of my Aldens, C&Js or Church's. I believe it has something to do with the way AE shoes are constructed, though I I don't know exactly what it could be.
I've noticed with all my allen edmonds lace-ups that the area around the ankle is floppy, loose and kind of bends out. The material just doesn't firmly hold to the ankle the way it does on my aldens, C&Js and Church's. As i compare the AEs to the other brands, there appears to be much less structuring around the ankle opening.... Anyone know what it is about how AE's are constructed that make them susceptible to this?
I'm sorry, i realized i didn't really address your question! Did those marks only show up after applying the creme? In other words, are they just caked up residue from the cream or actual rips in the leather? If it is residue from the cream, use a damp cloth and lots and lots of elbow grease to wipe the stuff off. I got into trouble with that creme once and it took lots of elbow grease but it eventually came off. It seems to warm up as you rub it and that makes it...
Don't ever use that Allen Edmonds cordovan cream. It goes on like glue and messes up the natural character of the leather. Damp cloth and then brush. If the leather gets dry, use a bit of saphir renovateur, let dry and then buff with brush and cloth. Once every few months a tiny bit of burgundy paste waste will add a little color and luster. Good luck.
I seem to remember seeing some pictures of a brown shell cordovan plain toe blucher that was perhaps made by C&J for Ralph Lauren. I have been unable to track the shoe down through RL. Does anyone know where I might find a brown shell plain toe that is not Alden's Barrie lasted model? Thanks for any help.
This is a very good to excellent condition pair of dark brown shell cordovan monk strap wing tips. The model name is the Peters. The number hand written on the inside of the shoe is 815121864-059 9 1/2 D. I had a set of topys put on them as well as plastic taps on the toe of the sole. There is very little wear on these shoes. I have the original box and shoe bags. The last just doesn't work with my feet. I am asking $300 plus shipping. I'm happy to answer any...
I wear a 10D in the AE five last, a 10D in the Alden Plaza last and a 10D in the Alden Aberdeen last. I find the AE five last a bit narrower than the Plaza and the Aberdeen. The Cambridge is a great shoe.
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