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hmm, I only just saw that it sold out... damn
Hey Greg I am interested in the Camoshita Duffle Coat. Do you have any info on sizing? I would ideally be able to wear it over a suit/sportcoat. I am about 5'8" and I worry that the 48 might be too big (I am usually between 46 and 48). Thanks!
Apologies for reviving an ancient thread, but I was just wondering if the recommendations are still the same? Any new contenders for best shirt laundry in NYC? I would be interested in someone who offers hand pressing.
Placed my order. Great job, C&A!
Pricedrop to USD 70, shipped to anywhere in the world for USD 90 total!
Pricedrop to USD 80, shipped to anywhere in the world for USD 100 total!
1 & 3 would be my favourites as well. I assume the ties can be made up to individual specs?
Cellulare is a S.I.C. Tess shirting. Very open weave and therefore slightly transparent in my experience. Also apparently not recommended for the hirsute, as you will continue to sport your chest hair through the shirt.
Bump. Pricedrop!
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