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I guess I missed that, which is kind of stupid as I've been here since August and will only stay until June. I meant to go to the Men of the Cloth screening, but missed that, too. Oh well....
Depends on the industry... Seriously though, I am just a consumer...
that seems to make sense. Kinda freaked me out, I thought I was somehow doing it wrong...
I am from Europe and temporarily live in NYC: Can someone explain to me why some people stick around at the bottom of the stairs at some subway stations rather than wait on the platform (specifically the Essex St station below the platform for the J and Z towards Broad St)? Also, is there going to be a NYC meetup anytime soon?
Selling them as they are a little big on me. I took of all the tags, and, a little overenthusiatically, the leather patch, as I often do. I only wore them for a day around the house, and, in the end, found them a little big. They are very soft and stretch easily, which I underestimated. Size 3. Measurements on superdenim (where I bought them) are pretty accurate. Great pair of jeans and I am willing to let them go well below cost. Looking for USD 200 shipped to CONUS...
hmm, I only just saw that it sold out... damn
Hey Greg I am interested in the Camoshita Duffle Coat. Do you have any info on sizing? I would ideally be able to wear it over a suit/sportcoat. I am about 5'8" and I worry that the 48 might be too big (I am usually between 46 and 48). Thanks!
Apologies for reviving an ancient thread, but I was just wondering if the recommendations are still the same? Any new contenders for best shirt laundry in NYC? I would be interested in someone who offers hand pressing.
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