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Selling them as they are a little big on me. I took of all the tags, and, a little overenthusiatically, the leather patch, as I often do. I only wore them for a day around the house, and, in the end, found them a little big. They are very soft and stretch easily, which I underestimated. Size 3. Measurements on superdenim (where I bought them) are pretty accurate. Great pair of jeans and I am willing to let them go well below cost. Looking for USD 200 shipped to CONUS...
hmm, I only just saw that it sold out... damn
Hey Greg I am interested in the Camoshita Duffle Coat. Do you have any info on sizing? I would ideally be able to wear it over a suit/sportcoat. I am about 5'8" and I worry that the 48 might be too big (I am usually between 46 and 48). Thanks!
Apologies for reviving an ancient thread, but I was just wondering if the recommendations are still the same? Any new contenders for best shirt laundry in NYC? I would be interested in someone who offers hand pressing.
Placed my order. Great job, C&A!
Pricedrop to USD 70, shipped to anywhere in the world for USD 90 total!
Pricedrop to USD 80, shipped to anywhere in the world for USD 100 total!
1 & 3 would be my favourites as well. I assume the ties can be made up to individual specs?
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