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Spoo, you're certainly doing something right when the people that buy your items are also the same that tell you congratulations when you take that money and buy a Ferrari. Well done once again! Keep up the good work and the customer service, it can be a valued rarity today.
I love all of the panamas that have been posted lately. I'm heading to Naples soon, so I'm going to try to find a new one.Here is a rather rare color (I think) for a felt Borsalino:In use:An older Homburg by Habig in Vienna. Can't seem to date it. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! Perfect for Gatsby-themed garden parties, right?
Spoo, I'll echo everyone's congratulations. It's quite the accomplishment!Finds from this week...Cool Ballantyne jacket. That's a Caruso label, right? Unavailable. [[SPOILER]] Weird Costume National polo. [[SPOILER]] These retail for far less (€50-100) than I would have guessed based on quality. It wasn't a brand I knew, but a Codello scarf. [[SPOILER]] Couple of Zegnas.There were a few other finds this week, but mainly boring stuff. I've been busy the past couple of...
Yes, but that "gauze looking stuff" can actually be wool or silk, linings found in high quality ties. A good tie maker will use the proper lining for the tie they're creating, whether they want a rigid body or a soft body.I'm really not sure about the lining thing. I have a number of Hermés and they all curl inward after 1-2 wearings. I definitely see the sheen of cheap silk and the feel is a big part of it, but I still haven't sorted all of it. Furthermore, silk will snag...
The problem is that if a friend/trusted person's account is hacked (or from phishing scams), you'll receive an email and click the link. It's best to simply log in to your account at the third party, i.e. PayPal, and go from there (if it's a promotion). If it's a stupid video/news article/picture from a friend or relative, google it quickly. It's never advisable to click on a link within an email if you can go through independent channels to find the same thing. At the...
Agree with this except don't click things within emails. Instead, mark it as junk/spam and let your filters do their thing. Clicking on links within emails, whether they're from known addresses or not, leads to disaster.
MOL, this is certainly a time that I agree with you 100%. Fred G., I can understand your frustration, but you can't expect much less in all respect. Information will always be mistakenly released or passed on to third parties...to think otherwise is ignorance in its purest form. At least this time it was a public address, but always think twice about giving out information you wouldn't want seven billion people to have access.
I did and can only assume that was what he was speaking of when he told me he was "saving up for something" a couple of months ago. I'll wait for more deets, but big congrats if he realized his dream.
The first and likely only quick indicator for me are metal zippers. I will scan them quickly and if I see a metal zipper, take a closer look. A lot of times they're vintage, but most (if not all) of the high-end stuff uses metal zippers rather than nylon.+1...you'd be surprised at the prices that I have to pay and quick math is an asset in this game whether it's for myself or to sell. A lot of times the shops have prices that rival ebay and I question whether I should buy...
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