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That one is 100% virgin wool exterior (Reine Schurwolle) and the lining is cupro (synthetic). I can't come up with NE and O at the moment.Here's the guide I cite:http://reviews.ebay.com/TEXTILE-FIBERS-INTERNATIONAL-CODES-amp-TRANSLATION-CHART?ugid=10000000004399884
I'll guess Angora goat, but it's really just a guess. I've seen Angora rabbit fur on smaller items for sure. I think I even have a pair of pants that I bought retail that have Angora rabbit fur in them and I even asked the salesperson about them. Is there a blue tag somewhere that says it was made for PRL EU? It should have a Swiss or UK address as well.
Possibly...I've had PRL Angora rabbit and goat. How does it feel? Super soft?
Looks perfectly fine to me if you're going for that professor/academic look. I really like the tie more than anything.Having said that, if you're not comfortable in it, everyone else will be able to tell.
Cheers to that...when you make it home, I'd love to see some more pics of those Lobbs. I'd also like to see DanMs and hope neither are close to my size.Edited to add: Good to see you in this thread again, you've been sparse here for the past week or so
Here's another picture of the label of the Herm├ęs polo...am I paranoid or is this off to anyone else? I know it's older, but still...
That's a pretty good question. I believe you're referring to the midsole (the next layer). When you're into it, it's a more labor intensive process, I believe. Either way, when there is significant wear to the soles, it has an impact on the way you walk and your comfort (back included). If you find the heel worn faster than the sole, just replace the heels. I won't always go back to the manufacturer, I've found a cobbler that does a great job with most repairs and...
A few things from today...Paid considerably for most of it unfortunately, therefore unavailable.A first for me: [[SPOILER]] Two pairs of B&L Ray Bans. The first is a normal pair of aviators, the second has prescription lenses. One lens is the thickest lens I've ever seen, the owner must have literally been blind in one eye.I got these from a professional flipper. I'll post a better picture of the label on the polo, I'm not 100% convinced on it.:
Wow! Well done!Wes, my condolences on your loss. All the best to you and his family.Wow, can't wait to see it.
Ahh, thank you! I kept thinking pura lana, but couldn't get the rest.
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