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+1...someone (sorry, I forget) sent me one with a shirt I got from them. I love it! I even found one in the US and brought it home. Their wool ties can't be beat!
I went out today with the intention of trying to get in on the scavenger hunt in the last minute, but completely forgot to print the list/card. It was a bit depressing to go to my stores rather than LA or NYC, but still found some stuff. I normally do terrible with ties here, Vienna is much better, but did fine for a few stores.Here is some of it...Ties L to R: Hugo Boss Baldessarini 60/40 silk/cotton, Barba 6 fold, Canali wool [[SPOILER]] Is this something nice or...
Add a U to that and they could be for anyone!
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange 2013 is now closed for entries! We have a total of 58 members in this year's exchange! PMs will be sent with your chosen person sometime between Friday and Sunday!
Just got an email that TJ Maxx is now online. I don't see any menswear, but quite a bit of stuff for women (D&G, ChloƩ, etc.). My wife is happy.
Re: Shoe measurementsI include insole length and width on every pair. If I'm buying a new pair of shoes that I'm unfamiliar with, I'll request the same. Maybe it's silly, but it at least gives me an idea how long they will be. I don't include the outsole length, but I will give that measurements when I'm requested (once a month or so). I will give other measurements upon request as well, simply because I'm in the game of selling things online. It either instills confidence...
+1 to MZhammer's advice. There is also a vast amount of information within StyleForum. The photo-heavy threads (such as the WAYW threads). As for actual books, there are quite a few. Manton, for example, wrote a book on men's style.As for unvented jackets, they may not be en vogue, but I wouldn't exactly say they're out of style. They create a different silhouette and look nice on the right body-type. They look great while standing, but not so much while sitting.
...now at 51. Do note that we have quite a few from outside the US (around 20%, though that includes our Canadian friends), so there's a higher chance that you'll have international shipping. If that's a problem, let me know and I'll remove you from the list.
Last Call for the 2013 Thrift Thread Gift Exchange!Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join! We are up to 50 members (thanks to those that pushed themselves to the 50 post minimum!)!I've spoilered a list of everyone I have. Please double-check the list for your name. If you signed up and don't see your name on the list, please get in touch with me. Likewise, if you want to back out of it, please send me a PM before the names are drawn. I still need addresses from 4...
Sorry to pile on, but I'd say that jacket is probably not worth whatever you'd spend on tailoring Welcome to the thread!
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