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Thanks! A big +8,000 on those cashmere shoes, Fueco. Really cool to see.When is/was your birthday, GMMcL??
I forgot to jump in and wish you guys a happy thanksgiving!I made it out yesterday for the first time in several weeks. Only a few finds...Burberry London tweed. Great patter, ticket pocket, dual vents. [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo Viskose/silk scarf. Surprised by the content, but still interesting. [[SPOILER]] Woolrich parka, made in the USA. I have little experience with the older stuff, is it more desirable or is it not really in demand? [[SPOILER]] It's funny that I found...
I think this guy is the owner:
Thanks, that's a great idea!Terribly. I had a pretty insane moustache for awhile, but just shaved it yesterday. I'm hosting a party and couldn't handle the ridicule much longer. How's yours coming along?Oh, and insane find on the Dunhill jacket with the Hermès scarf lining. I was at work when you posted, so didn't get a chance to respond. INSANE!
Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, I've been busy with work and life. I've been following conversations and posts and there have been some great things posted. Well done all around. I've also noticed a number of new members posting, which is great. I put this together quickly to help get started.Welcome! You probably have a few questions, so let’s look at the most popular:Why is everyone here an asshole?What is this worth?Is this a thing?What are the best stores...
I'm reposting this as a reminder to everyone. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!
It sounds strange, but I believe the first two are real. The tags, at least, if not the coat. I believe they say Brühl & Söhne and House of Gentlemen. This is a high-end store in Graz and Vienna, Austria. These would have likely come from the Vienna shop. Without better photos, I can't say the tags weren't just sewn into fake coats, but those are pretty obscure tags to lift.
It's a piece of coral
Each country is different. It's 20% here for good and services, 10% for food. I believe Italy just raised theirs to 21% or 22%.VAT stands for value-added tax. You're right that it's a different setup than the US. The idea is that tax is built in at each stage of the manufacturing/sale of goods. It's ordinarily built into the price to the end consumer. When you buy an item, 99% of the time, you pay the price listed and the 20% is already built into that. Your receipt must...
Good to know, thanks! What lens do you use on it?
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