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Interesting...I just had to google how tall Burt Reynolds actually is. It has got to be fun stolling around in one of his suits!
Wow, thanks! Definitely within my price range. I've looked in the past and only found the type of ties that could be worn in "Best in Show" (great movie). It's hard finding something pre-owned as people don't label them properly. For those of you that find ties with dog prints and list them on ebay, make sure you list the breed and any similar breeds! You'll get more traffic from people that are committed to owning something like that!I nearly picked up a couple of squares...
It looks like it's supposed to be a Westie. A lot of times, they will do a generic terrier that has a mix of traits from a number of dogs. I got excited as I nearly posted a plea for anyone that comes across an Airedale terrier tie...no matter the brand, as long as it's silk and not garish. I had a Westie once and if you don't plan on sending it to ebay and want to get rid of it, hit me up!Wow, that's actually cool! What size is it??
Good on you for giving your time, whether it's required to get ahead or not. More of us should give our time to the organizations themselves rather than bicker about pricing.Second, this was the most interesting post that I've read in the past week or so, and I have read every single one.Oh, an ATLJon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
That suit is great and if I weren't saving for a couple of holidays, it would be mine. I say that now, but we'll see if self-control really gets the better of me.I remember that suit and you have some patience for waiting it out, congrats!Those look great!
Would you mind sharing your country? There might be some options locally, such as outlets, that you could see the shirts and actually try them.
It's odd that there isn't something similar floating around for a PC. I don't mean to be a total Mac fanboy (though privately there is some of that ), but I just find it easier from what I was doing, which is listing within ebay. Granted, I rarely used ebay's offer of saving templates, but I would click on "list a similar item" and go that route. I find that I'm willing to work on listings all week rather than sit down and schedule a bunch at one time. Maybe that's the...
Is there nothing available for a PC? I can honestly say that GS has cut my listing time down quite a bit. As I've said before, I'm always streamlining it a bit and changes things here and there, so it will take awhile before I'm satisfied with my setup, but the actual listing part of it used to be something I'd dread. Now, I do it as I go and find that I can list certain things in a matter of a couple of minutes.Take ties, for example. I have the template ready, shipping...
Check the content tag for "Devanlay" on the back side....or is it "devenlay"? I can never remember, but it's on all of the authentic shirts I've seen. I passed on a decent shirt the other day that was clearly linen but labelled cotton and was missing that on the tag....or Devonlay?
Thanks, but no worries! I am going to be buying some new loafers this spring sometime anyway, I probably wouldn't go with black. Take it easy and let the booze do the work.
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