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The pictures themselves are fine, I think. It does give it a sort of "prison" or "mental asylum" feel, but I'm not sure I would have noticed that had you not mentioned it.
Oh, and no one knows this one??
I really wanted to join in on the one day I was out since I've been back...but I forgot to print the list and a tag. Following along and like to see all of the entries!Wes: PM incoming!Gift exchange news: I'm really sorry I haven't sent you guys the names yet, I've been incredibly busy with work and just wrapped that up for the evening at 12:05am on a Sunday. I'll get them sent at the beginning of the week!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be working on gift exchange names later on this evening! I'll get PMs sent ASAP! Oh, and is this real? I hadn't seen this label...
Oh, and i love that jacket, I just think it gets a bit lost when you have 4 different patterns.
I'd much rather see it with a plain blue shirt rather than what you currently have. It's a but busy at the moment, but the colors do say fall. Give it a shot with blue and see what you think.
Ahh, I see. As for a shirt, why don't you just go to the nearest cheap place and buy a light blue shirt that fits well. Did you bring the suit? Tie? If you have the suit and shoes, find a nice looking tie. If any of your colleagues have one to spare, that could fill in for you. Other than that, try not to be terribly self-conscious, have a drink and have some fun.
How much time do you have, Wes?
Also found this today. It's ancient, but the first I'd seen, so I bought it. Ebay says they're all over the place, cardigans being the most popular. Did I do okay? [[SPOILER]]
Awesome find, if in fact it's THE John Williams!I forgot to post this as it was with my other vacation photos, which I may also post:Found a really well-made suit in LA (Santa Monica). No tags, so my first instinct was to go for the interior pocket. I assume due to location and the quality, that it's THE Matt Damon. I wanted to grab it for my own personal collection, but decided against it. I really would have liked to have put it on a mannequin in my eventual clothing...
New Posts  All Forums: