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Welcome! Can't wait to see what you find!I have actually had the same "problem." When I show up after work at the few places that don't know me, a lot of people hold out their hand for my briefcase thinking I'm bringing a donation rather than shopping. One time, at the only place that prices things by category, I swear a woman marked something up on me. Every coat and jacket is €10, but when I brought one up there, she said it was €30. I said that I thought every coat was...
Double post
I believe that. I had trouble with brands I was previously listing with few restrictions. If the restrictions were in place, I almost feel like they moved it when I started listing more. I hit on Burberry, Hermés, Chanel, Bally, PRL and a number of others.Thanks for that helpful info! The second person I spoke with made it sound like it was going to be no problem, so I was surprised to get an email that said I was denied a raise in limits. The third person (when I called...
I saw one of those in Vienna and asked about it. It had royal warrants on it and made me pause.
Any of the regulars want/need a nice Gore-tex jacket? This is a recent Country Frey (by Lodenfrey) jacket in a size 52EU. Terrible lighting in the photos, the last photo gives you an idea of the true color. I'm happy to ship it at cost + shipping (€5 + €20-25 to the States). PM me if you'd like measurements. [[SPOILER]]
I did too, though they remind me of blacklight posters.Some beautiful ties, perfect for Easter!
Thanks, I figured it must be something. I'm going to play around with it and see what they view before they "release" the auction. I know they can't/won't, but it would have been convenient to know what brands they restricted or limited.Thanks on that...it took a few calls, but it looks like I'm finally able to list what I want! It was weird, I hit the caps sooner and sooner and within the last month, I couldn't list a lot. It's almost as though they restricted me the more...
Wes, those remind me of an art project we did in school when we were around 8. You colored in a paper fully and then covered it in black paint. Then, you scraped part of the paint to make a picture. There it is, 8 year old art
I had an issue with ebay limits. Specifically, limiting the posts of certain branded items. I originally called ebay and explained that I'd been a member awhile and would love to get the limits raised. The customer service agent said that since I had a private account, it would be difficult. However, if I changed to a business account, I wouldn't have problems. I read about it, changed and still had the same limits. I called ebay again and explained that I now have a...
Thanks for the link! My wife put it on our AppleTV, but I wasn't sure where she sourced it. It's about 50% Zambian economy, 50% used clothing trade. Interesting to see...kids wearing Euro Disney shirts and NBA stuff. At the least, it gives you something to bring up at the office tomorrow!
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