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A quick roundup of everyone's gift exchange gifts. I hope I didn't leave anyone out, but let me know if I did (and link me to your post) so I can edit this. [[SPOILER]]
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange 2013 [[SPOILER]]
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange Update Please let me know if you did NOT receive a gift this year. Last call on this, if there are any problems with anything, I'd like to get them straightened out ASAP! I'll multi-quote (including my own, thanks again, Brian!) soon.
Really glad everything finally made it to you! Enjoy!
Thanks!^Correct!It's absolutely thin, but doesn't appear to have been used much, certainly not enough to create wear.Thank you! I read the earlier posts on my phone and could not remember what it was. It was driving me crazy!I had never seen it on this one either which was part of the reason I bought it.Good to know, it's hard to keep them straight.
It would be great to see one of the AV's sponsor this contest with a prize
I was shopping for a camera in November, and I don't know if I properly thanked everyone that gave me some advice. There were a number of people that offered great information including @Fueco, @Snoogz, @ScottW, and @ATLnoob. Thanks again! I ended up going with the Nikon D5100. It hit all of the points including a flip-out LCD, ability to accept my old lenses, and price. It's been great though I still have a lot to learn. I bought it from Camera Centre Cardiff. They had a...
Finding/sorting information will hopefully be easier in the near future, at least in this thread. Stay tuned for updates.True fact. My wife will sometimes comment that my responses are "too polite" for some people. It's sometimes hard to keep in mind when you get a message that's insulting whether it's a super-low offer on something you just listed or asking in a rude manner where you get your items/are they fake. It always helps to wait ten or fifteen minutes before you...
Not sure about ebay.com, but my terms say something about that as well. I can't remember if it's only links (which are definitely not allowed) or also text. I'd assume you'd get away with it if it was text, but you never know.It's the same with information within ebay messages...all information is redacted and if Germans and Austrians want to make a deal outside of ebay, they're normally careful with how they interact by spelling things. The Italians? No, they're clear...
As you can see, most use that (and other words) as leftovers on their titles. No one will actually search for these things, but they draw attention. Furthermore, when people begin to recognize your titles and pictures, they will further reinforce the branding/marketing.Saw that and nearly offered you a lowball on it. I recognized the photos though and didn't want to embarrass myself. Cool jacket!
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