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I have seen a number of Hugo Boss and HB/Baldessarini shirts made in Switzerland. Quality isn't bad.
Two quick ties at lunch. The first one I saw from a distance and actually liked, though it's bright. The one next to it was even more ridiculous. I know I'll never wear it, but it was made well and cheap. As I'm checking out, I look at the tags and was pretty impressed....I think these are made by Battistoni. Either way, they're really well-made. The second one is available to anyone that can handle it. Did someone say retina burning??
Whoa!Klobber, even if it's not as good as it was a year ago, you're still pulling in some great things! It's still a blast to see Tom Ford pop around here...how was the condition?Awesome shells Dolfan!That's quite the tie collection, Friskydingo!
Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants. It's the coolest.If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.
I've never seen something pop up on ebay, that would be just as funny to me.I didn't get that reference...is it a song?Fair enough, it just turns into a blur of memories of polyester and shattered dreams. I think our shops are small enough that I honestly get to know the stock pretty well after it sits around a few weeks.That Brioni is beautiful!
Wes, that sounds like some sort of insane coincidence and even worse considering how much you're out on that label. Hope you get it resolved, update it when you get more info!Those prices are huge increases for me, as a buyer. I buy often enough that I'll see dramatic increases, especially when you factor in the extra 10% or so many sellers add to international shipping costs.
Something odd happened today...I was waiting on the tram when a guy walked by wearing a jacket that I recognized from one of the thrifts. Of course, he could have purchased the same jacket when they came out, but I doubt it. It was incredibly distinct and from the early '90s for sure. Has that happened to anyone else? Recognizing someone else's purchase from a thrift store??
I think you just broke the thread. Seriously, awesome!!!Incredible! It's almost like someone planted an Hermés tree and it was ready to harvest. That would be a blast to pick through a bin like that.
That was my thought. A hard 3 looks downright silly on me as I'm not tall enough to make it work. Yours is one of the few that I didn't find it distracting.
I know the pain. I recently had a women's (very) recent North Face down parka listed. I had 19 watchers and the viewers shot up in the last 10 minutes. After my "auction alarm" went off to alert me that everything was over, I click refresh on the tab and I had only gotten about a third of what I had expected and what completed listings had shown.
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