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I wish I knew the maker. The patter lines up really well and it's decently made. Unfortunately, I believe Austrian law requires clothes to have tags in German and therefore most of everything (every major brand) has the same generic maker tag as far as content and size go. It's terribly frustrating as very few Italian and English makers have their original tags in German and therefore replace them with these generics.
...and especially so if you happen to thrift a couple of dead pheasants
Honestly, I have no idea, but Dig posted this earlier and I now have it saved. I don't really know whether it applies to this find:http://www.styleforum.net/t/253735/an-unpinned-thread-digmenows-journey-toward-sartorial-self-improvement/0_30#post_5899753
Here I thought that those Borrelli's would be the attention-grabber! I almost left that one off thinking there would be no interest Cesar: Great fit!Eazy: Wonderful looking bike!
Oh, and ATLjon: I know you were looking for German maps, but I wasn't sure which region. I passed a map of Frankfurt, though it wasn't terribly old (maybe 1930s?). Which area were you looking for again?
I wrote that down, but remind me next fall. If I haven't worn it by then, it's yours!I actually found it on a women's rack. The woman working was watching as I tried it on and must have thought I was buying a purple women's jacket.
Things I brought back from Vienna...A couple of silk pocket squares (unavailable):Hugo Boss Selection suit. I don't pick up a lot of Hugo Boss, but this one was Super 150's (unavailable): [[SPOILER]] Burberry jacket. I don't think it's an orphan, though it could be. It's not nearly as big as it appears (unavailable): [[SPOILER]] McNeal shirt. McNeal isn't expensive, so I leave almost everything I find. I do, however, have a couple of linen shirts from them that are great....
Since we all like to read about good transactions as much as we like to read about the bad, I thought I'd add a couple of positive experiences to the mix. I had a guy buy a few ties for me and received this message after he received them: Received them this week and wore the ties out Friday and Saturday night to innumerable compliments! Really cannot thank you enough, I love the ties, the fabric is very high quality and they have exceeded my expectations for every...
I read somewhere in this thread that changes were going to (or have taken) place in regards to feedback from cancelled transactions. Previous to these changes, I believe the buyer could leave feedback until the case was closed. Now, I'm not too sure what the status is and hopefully someone will jump in with more info.I believe you have two choices in your situation. The first is to file a non-paying bidder case and wait for it to close. There will then be a strike against...
Wow, cool! Love seeing Savile Row stuff!
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