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^ This was my attempted point, though I can now see that it wasn't as I thought.Edited: wasn't clear in my thought.
Ah, okay. I am of the opinion that many poor dressers are the result of trying to stand out. I do understand your point that dressing well sets you apart, which would fall under my OP as something to avoid. I don’t think this contradicts my point, but I believe it illustrates that my point wasn’t clear.
For my own clarification, are you saying that dressing poorly is detached from standing out? As in, there are two broad categories: dressing well and dressing poorly. The means by which one achieves either is unimportant, simply that they arrived at this conclusion.
I didn’t even finish your sentence before I concluded with a resounding “no, I can’t” in my head.Those that dress, or dressed, well set themselves apart simply by dressing well. Even if I look at some of the best dressed members here, they certainly don’t look like the general population. Having said that, there likely are/were certain people that did what they did to blend in - which would be why I couldn’t name them.I do think that many people are misguided in an attempt...
Though it’s the internet and I shouldn’t be surprised, I actually am at the fact that a tongue in cheek note elicited such a response from you. I didn’t call anyone out specifically for making choices that aren’t to my taste, though you seem to think that would be a better strategy. No, I simply wrote that it’s silly to try to stand out from a crowd when you can’t first adhere to the basics.You, on the other hand, referred to me separately as a “massive tool,” “cock,” and...
Though I know the Miami Heat, I'm lost on this joke I have no problem with anyone dressing for the sole purpose of how it makes them feel, regardless of whether I like it/approve or not.I am against the concept of dressing with the idea of “I’m far too attractive/brilliant/_________ to be grouped together with everyone else.” Maybe, then, I take issue with an attitude prevalent in society rather than clothing.I'm not telling people how to dress (though I agree to a good...
Just a quick check: @SpooPoker, @Brianpore, @capnwes, et al^ Have you guys had any success selling used clothes? I don't think anyone would really want them, but I heard that some people have tried?
It's also important to note that the shoes that you described in your OP (square toe) are, from a fashion sense, also out of style. These trends have a pretty short shelf-life and I'm reasonably confident that they're out as far as "modern/trendy" is concerned. As others mentioned, there are plenty of options out there that are high quality and sleek/elegant.
4-1, the Spanish look sloppy out there!
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