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I'm pretty sure that's older Caruso for Baldessarini, I've seen it only a few times.Good to know! I wasn't aware that there was part of New Jersey that wasn't like that Then again, when we drove through on our way to NYC, I said "aside from the roads, I can't believe the most important city in the world is XXX miles away!" It just looked so...normal
I don't know if I'd term it "scam," but it's certainly the abuse of the "new, without tags" listing. It's pretty common. I think to a lot of less-than-great sellers, new, without tags sounds so much better and list it as such. Continue to call them out on it, and as far as I'm concerned, leave feedback that reflects the purchase. I sell things that I literally bought and removed the tags and it obviously hurts that image.
Love a three piece suit, especially for a wedding in which most will be wearing proper suits. I understand that...black + white = formal. It's a habit that dies hard. However, I think you'd fit in just as well (if not much better) if you paired a pale blue shirt with a tie (see a go-to tie below), your grey suit (three piece?), and a white linen square in a TV fold.
Not your standard style, Orge, but I really like that one. Is that your RLPL suit? Along with......? Drakes? I have no idea. Love the blue in it, though.
Though I'm not participating, a good choice by Orgetorix. It's fun to see everyone bring in ties they'd never post into a normal day-to-day outfit.
I think I get what you're saying...in simple terms, it looks a bit "wet" when it catches the light?Yes, your goal is to pull a color out that compliments rather than matches the pocket square. Matching patterns and/or colors makes it seem like the tie and square came in a set.Black is frowned upon on SF for a variety of reasons, but one that I strongly agree with is that it looks terrible in full light. It tends to lose its elegance and edge. I understand that you see it...
I own far too many gaudy ties, I'm afraid. While I won't be entering this week, I can say the surest and quickest way to owning a "bold" tie is to either accept one as a gift (from a woman) or take advice on tie buying (from a woman).
I'll give my bit on it. To be completely honest, I'm not crazy about the pocket square. Those are difficult colors with which to work. Is it iridescent? If I had to pull a color out of it, I'd try to utilize the darker blue (?) in the second photo. You don't have to match it exactly and I'd encourage going a shade or two darker. Finally, is it a daytime wedding? If so, I'd skip the black suit and wear the dove grey suit you are using in your example.
Wow! What is that, Duchamp?Edit: From a distance, you can't tell how much is going on in it!
What you knowin’ about wearing a fur fox skin Nice! Caruso?I've been busy with work so I've been skimming the thread, but I don't think it's been mentioned...terrible to see James Gandolfini die. Jersey guys (Brian, et al), is the state in mourning? A really talented actor.
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