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^ Those Bijan suits need to be first in your order or posting I believe (someone correct m) that they're fairly recent. At the very least, worthwhile. As far as the Marlboro and Sisley, I assume you're in Europe...I always leave it. The quality leaves a lot to be desired. My wife likes some of Sisley's womenswear, but she'd doubtfully pay full-price.
Looks like a nice scarf, but I think you're in the wrong thread.
While you were certainly joking, it would have been neat to see. I'll join in on the passport-holding:
I personally do adhere to seasonal clothes. Part of it is to get the highest amount and part of it is to maintain a coherence in my store. I sell both new and used items and keep it seasonal, including sales. That's just my own policy though, I can see why others would opt to list all year. I have a few summer items hanging around that will be pulled and stored until they get renewed interest in the spring.It can be expensive to do that, both in space and tying up money in...
Should have taken it before work, but... 1 more for Furinners/Ausländer!
After work fit pic. I brought out my winter white's for the first time this season. Everything about this photo is a bit sloppy, it was after the work day. I also got rid of a stray cord on the ground which makes it appear as though I'm plugged into the wall. New twist on the "robo pose." Shout out (really, is that one word??) to Spoo for the tie!
^ This is brilliant! I've been thinking about something similar for the past 6 or so months and then saw a custom job from Luxire that I thought about replicating. This is definitely cool!
Congrats, HST! Enjoy the tie!
Agree completely. I come across few fake Hermès, but I see them online quite a bit. I haven't seen a fake Zegna, but I've heard all about them. Even though they're pricey, plenty of people have and donate Hermès, Brioni, et al. I love a tie one season and ditch it two later, for whatever reason. I think most people are like that and the reason I don't question too many of these types of finds.
Just catching up from the weekend and have to say it was a lot of fun reading all of that! Amazing finds by everyone. @Ian: That overcoat is great! It doesn't have to have a great label attached to be deserving of a post! For the record, I've only found one pair of Vass that I posted, I think, last spring. I'm not far from their manufacture, so I'm always on the lookout. I have found multiples of Ludwig Reiter, which I do like quite a bit. Anyone here interested in a...
New Posts  All Forums: