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I actually grabbed a pair of heavier, dark flannel trousers but saw that it was going to be warmer so went with something lightweight. I think there needs to be more contrast as well.Funny enough, I felt the same way when I looked at the pictures. I must not have noticed this morning, but you're right, more solid would have been the way to go. I may give it a go with navy trousers. The jacket is cashmere, so I may be at the end of the appropriate season. It is unlined...
I took 4-5 new purchases to the tailor and have wanted to try them out. I would have worn this jacket for the FU challenge a few weeks ago had it been ready. Post work photos, a bit sloppy.
I thought I had the time advantage here, but it's not a problem, I need another tie like I need a hole in my head.^ Great advice. When your closet is filled with things you love, you don't waste your time on so-so fits.
@GMMcL: Re: Henry Cotton's Good stuff, low resale (for me, anyway). Pants may or may not be Incotex, same style and I believe sometimes made in Romania. A lot of neat fabrics for jackets. I think it retails pretty high in nicer department stores.
Did you buy it?Sitting here with coffee annoyed that no one had claimed buying it.
I agree with you 100%. I loathe dark shirts and this one (a gift) was experimental. The square could have easily been left out, but it had been sitting unworn since I bought it in the fall, so into the pocket it went. I get into ruts where I wear the same things that I like/know work, so it's nice to get feedback on something that I try out for the first time.
Wouldn't insurance cover this as a damaged package? I haven't had this exact situation come up, but if I were to encounter it, I'd see if insurance covers these types of incidents. A different situation, but I came back from a business trip last month and the airline was delayed my luggage. Once it arrived, it was damaged and had been sitting in dirty water, staining things inside. I filed a claim on the bag and dry cleaning.
^ Schmetterling ranks up there as well
Wow, had to google that. Nice find!
^ Quoting myself...it was an attempt to reference The Matrix. Not terribly sure I hit my mark with it though.
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