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I thought I'd mention that I did something that I never thought I'd do...start a blog. I have a number of topics I'd like to cover, including traditional Austrian clothing and street shots (both atrocious and tasteful). If there's something you'd like to see, let me know, I'll try to keep it updated regularly. I received a number of PMs after I posted some photos from my last Viennese thrifting trip, so I'll probably include more photos on the next trip that I take...
Agreed. The cut isn't bad, but given a choice, I'd wear something else. Having said that, I've had great luck with them on ebay. I remember one that I sold that was black with pink and purple pinstripes. It was terrible. It sold well
I now understand. PM me in the future.
In that case, it would be mission/assignment. "Einsatz" can also be used in a number of technical fields. How do you know Einsatz??
My wife wanted me to have longer hair at one point. Once it grew, she understood why I keep it shorter...it just looks long and straight, nothing at all interesting.Haha, the show Kojak was called Kojak: Einsatz in Manhattan in German
I agree. I enjoy the variety of it all and when I reach for certain ties/jackets/suits that I need to wear for some reason on the weekend, it reminds me of going to work. It's really a small point, and maybe I'm alone in that thought, but I like wearing different clothes outside of the workplace.
Those can be interesting, but it's not something I'd personally wear, if it's what I'm thinking. Depending on the maker, might be worth a flip. If you go back, take a couple of pictures It's not mentioned here often, so I'm not sure whether you find it in the American market, but I've also found some decent quality Gritti by Ermenegildo Zegna. I think it's from their outlet stores, but the pieces I've found have been made in Italy and decent. I think I still have a...
What style was it? In general, fur felt is preferred to wool. I almost always pass on a wool hat, no matter the maker, unless it's a cap. I've picked up a couple of Lock & Co wool hats in the past, but fur felt is far superior in every way. I'm not sure about ebay value though, that's only advice for personal items.
Couple of things....I ordered this cap on the cheap. It's in great condition and nearly new but it's tiny for me. I'm going to put it back on ebay unless someone wants it for cost + my cost of shipping to get it from Germany + shipping to the US. I doubt anyone here will want it though as I just checked ebay.com and you can find them for a great price. Here is a size 59 for...
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