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In that case, a few teasers:I pass piles of it, but only because I have no idea what's desired and what's not.
Checking in from Napoli! Great city, we're already planning another trip. Glad we didn't drive here, you couldn't pay me to drive inside the city...just as chaotic as you'd imagine. Clothing has been a blast, but prices are all over the place. I've seen and/or bought nearly every major Italian maker, save for Kiton (still elusive). I managed to pop into a lot of the big stores including Borrelli (really knowledgable and had beautiful stuff from the spring/summer...
Thanks for such helpful info!As of now...nothing Previously, I was making the effort. I'm using a Sony Alpha A100 and cracked the screen awhile back and haven't had it fixed. One fatal flaw about the Sony Alpha series is that all menu controls need the LCD to make selections, unlike a Nikon.Rather than repair it, I may just opt for a new camera.Thanks again, I'll report back after I've done a bit of research!
Well put!I mean absolutely no offense by saying this, but a lot of your posts are asking whether you should pick something up or whether something is worthwhile. I think it would be worth the time to go through some of the thread to get a better idea of things you should keep or pass. It's often hard to answer the question of "Should I get this?" as a lot of variables will go into it. If it's for yourself, you like it, the price is right, and it fits, then the answer is...
I know of a lot of SF members that follow this thread that never post. It's great to see them come out of the woodwork and I'd love to see some of the other lurkers post more! Many of the regulars of this thread don't follow the rest of SF for various reasons, so it would be nice to bridge the gap.
I thought 26.11.1973 was the original date of an Italian law??
I'm heading to Napoli on Tuesday and PMs have been sent to those that said they wanted a proxy. Let me know if there are any changes to your want-list!
Thanks! I thought I recognized it.Zegna and KitonBrands that make you lots of cashBut without piss stains
Just a few things from this week...Hugo Boss 70/30 cotton/linen seersucker jacketLa Martina polo shirtEtro polo shirtH&M collaboration with Comme des Garçons women's blouse. A few years old I think. [[SPOILER]] Charles Tyrwhitt pants [[SPOILER]] This tie cost next to nothing. I only got it because I was curious. The keeper is gone and it doesn't say Versace on the lining, but is it anything? I see tags similar to that on some Versace and Gucci ties, so I just thought I'd...
[/quote]I have a similar light, though it only has a single lamp/bulb. I've had the same trouble as GMMcL. I'm an amateur, so it's likely a user error, but I can't seem to get the lighting right. When I use the lamp with a flash, everything is washed out/overexposed. When I use the lamp without the flash, everything is yellow.Daylight is my friend and my photos still leave much to be desired.
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