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If you're using buy-it-now, you can select the option that they must pay immediately. I have this selected using GarageSale, but some (many) slip through where they buy it and wait to pay. One person told me that they couldn't buy it without paying, so I think it may have corrected itself with my most recent update.
I went away for the long weekend so I'm just getting caught up on everything. Lots of great finds in here, but this is ridiculous...^^ Hahaha, though the "e" and "i" should be switched (and strange enough, this isn't common slang here), it's still hilarious!
Consider it done.Really sorry to hear about all of your troubles. I can't believe they suspended you. I hope you're able to get it sorted and back on track.
Entirely true. I had a customer send me a really nice email that the jacket he bought was exactly like the photos. He did joke that it looked better on the mannequin naturally, the mannequin has the ideal body shape.The same concept is used in selling a house. Get the potential buyer to imagine their stuff inside. Sure, their stuff won't look as great in real life as it does in their head, but that's not really the point.
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange 2013 [[SPOILER]] 1. Title your post "Thrift thread Gift Exchange 2013" and use huge/size 6 font with bold. You can center it if you like.2. Add 1 unspoilered photo. You are free to add however many photos that you like, but please have only one photo unspoilered!3. Within the spoiler, you may add a message of thanks/you're awesome/who was it/whatever.It's simple to do, but it will make it easy on me to identify all of the relevant posts. That...
2013 Thrift Thread Gift Exchange UpdateKeep in mind the timeline! If you're sending your gift internationally, please have it sent by December 1st! I believe some people have already sent their gifts or will be doing so soon. That's fine. If you receive yours and want to open it, that's also fine.Here is the original timeline: [[SPOILER]] In the original post, I also wrote the following about photographing/posting photos: [[SPOILER]] I ask that everyone use the same...
I just wanted to share a couple of things. I haven't been able to go out for the past couple of weeks, but I managed about 20 minutes today. First: We don't have TJ/TK Maxx here. The nearest is, I believe, in Munich. We certainly don't have Marshalls. That makes that a strange sight! Second: Does anyone have a wife/girlfriend that would like a rabbit fur vest? This thing is awesome, but pricey. It is an EU size 38 and the fur looked to be mint. It's a vintage piece...
Yes.^ What he said.
Herm├Ęs uses prints again and again. The codes give some indication as to when the original print was made, but I believe the letters are still unsolved (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Some colorways are more rare than others, but you have to find a collector that needs/wants that particular pattern and color in order to really push the price up. I'm assuming you're looking to sell them? If that's the case, you have some nice ties and they're certainly in demand. I have...
Second thought (because I realized there is BB), maybe you're in the US? In that case, not sure on the Sisley and Marlboro.
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