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Maybe in Russia, lots of stars = bad and 0 stars = good. Kidding, I have no idea. I have had issues getting things through their customs. I'd love to open it back up to Russia and am always looking into ways to do it. I'm considering allowing it with private couriers and warning about import charges that they'll face. However, it just sounds like a setup for problems.
No worries here, I'm guilty of having asked similar questions. I wrote it simply because we had guys that were just starting out finding something that has been seen thousands of times asking "is this a thing?". I'm really not a thread regulator, I don't mind any sincere discussions whether it's ebay, Russian prison tattoos, or whatever else. Anything that bores me just gets scrolled Also, that was a great haul!
@jgill79: Thanks, I've included it below!
Great entries this week!***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Great looking dogs! An Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound is something I've wanted.
I am after the same sort of thing. I actually found one that fit well and it was a 44, technically women's/boys. The sales guy was correct that the pockets were nearly the same size, zippers were the same, etc. He also said he'd had his tailor recut the collar so it wasn't so long. Might be an idea (?).
Cleav, would you mind sharing what dog that is in the center?To show that I'm just as interested in the contest as the dogs....great jacket!
No worries Nat, it wasn't so long ago. As @Typhoid Jones said, he was posting under Valium as well. I think he had a few socks...Frenchy too/two/to/2 was another. I certainly knew him, we exchanged a few emails.Having said that though, time does fly and you (collectively, we) are getting old(er).
Welcome to SF, @Tony Pea. I quoted a post I made a month or two ago, it should answer a few questions you're likely to have.
Between your SF name, avatar, and the above photo, it's easy for us to see that it's Purple Label. However, how will everyone else know it is? Possible solutions:- Wear the jacket inside out.- Have your tailor remove the interior label and place it on your sleeve- Print photos to show everyone (best option) I'm really just kidding, it was a nice find at a good price! Enjoy it!
New Posts  All Forums: