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I'm glad to hear that. It's part of the reason I enjoy the hobby so much. I meet people that collect certain types of items or are just looking for something decent and cheap. I was propositioned for sex by a prostitute at one point, but that's another story. Anyway, cheers from here!
A few finds...Loro Piana 70/30 cashmere/silk. Weird as it must be a women's jumper, but it's a size 50. Odd shape to it, but it's Loro Piana, so I won't complain!Versace frames. Incredibly short arms on them. [[SPOILER]] Burberrys tieTie for myself. These are the types of things I love finding. It's a beautiful (in my opinion, of course) tie from a local high end shop. Pretty recent and flawless....dirt cheap. [[SPOILER]] BallyMagnanniPaul Smith T-shirtTod's. Funny story...
I was happy to find out this morning that I am a power seller, something really unexpected. I've never really looked into it as I thought you needed higher volume than I do. I quickly looked at the benefits of it...discount on fees, a direct contact in customer service, etc. What I had hoped for was discounted shipping and finally saw that it's offered on some services. I use Hermes Paket Service for all packages within the EU and it said that there are special offers for...
Had something similar happen a couple of weeks ago. Two different people, each with one feedback, bought items. Both paid and left positive feedback. Good luck!
Congratulations on your new addition!Best wishes and a speedy recovery to your wife and your new daughter.
Your theory about the tag seems correct. TJ/TK Maxx doesn't sell knock-offs (unless someone returned a fake, doubtful in this case). It is very possible the size is the main reason it ended up at TJ Maxx...it is a second, didn't pass inspection.It could be high quality wool, as you said, which gives it the feel of cashmere.
I'm completely blanking on this one...any help?
Since it's slow around here today (thread was on the second page!), I'd add what must have been a donation from an American. It's a PRL shirt with the purple label, 100% Sea Island Cotton and made in Singapore. Really nice shirt and I would have grabbed it for someone here, but they wanted €12 or €13 for it. This was my first coffee/cake sitting outside this spring. I'm not normally in the habit of taking pictures of my food, but I originally took a picture to send to...
A couple of interesting finds today. I don't hear much about pipe smoking on this forum, but I thought I'd share (not a collector really): I've flipped over hundreds (if not thousands) of lighters in the search for a Dunhill. This is the closest I've come. Dunhill shell pipe: Dunhill pipe reamer, in its original box/pouch: Nice Persols....unfortunately prescription.
I don't even know if I'm looking for advice on this one, but I need to share. I suppose any advice appreciated I sold a jacket at the end of March for next to nothing. Sent it, never heard from the guy, assumed all was okay until a case was opened and he sent a message that said: He bid on article number XXXX (NOT my item) I then wrote him on 23 March and told him his bid was withdrawn and "diverted" it to auction number YYYY (my item) He then received a fake jacket...
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