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Thank you both, this is really information that I've needed. I'm still trying to best utilize GS in order to cut down on wasted time.I have general categories for items: jackets, shirts, pants, ties, etc. However, I'm never sure when I can delete ended auctions or used templates. I would like to delete things as soon as it's over, but I'm not sure that's prudent. For example, I will duplicate my tie template to create a listing. That listing then appears in the auction....
Wow! PM sent, and job well done!
Not a lot today. Three of the stores I visited were closed for the Easter weekend, so I was pretty limited.Prada pants, my size. Keeping for now. [[SPOILER]] Conte of Florence golf bag shirt. [[SPOILER]] Pringle poloSilk pocket square:This is actually one of those souvenir sqaures (not a scarf). I never buy them, but I loved the colors of this one. Machine stitched and no content, but almost certainly linen or a linen/cotton blend.
^^ Wait, so you guys do things other than post pictures to the internet of used clothes?
1) There is no more way to tell than you. There is only one picture and no detail. 2) There is a thread for this, no reason to start a thread.: http://www.styleforum.net/t/231002/fake-or-real-authentic-genuine-etc-official-thread/0_30
Don't worry, I have absolutely no spots in Berlin However, I might be down for a meet up somewhere if you two are game. I'll PM you, but my students are still in class until the end of June. I could possibly take a long weekend to Berlin and we could hit a few stores.
I may have already posted some of these things, I honestly can't remember.Carrera frames:Austrian Army Gore-Windstopper fleece:Austrian scouts shirt and canvas rucksack:Wool knits:My Hermés find:Paul Smith wallet: [[SPOILER]] NWT Converse (made in USA with a price tag in Austrian schillings):Vintage leather briefcase:Vintage leather cigar holder:Eton shirt:Thomas Pink shirt in superfine two-fold 170s cotton: [[SPOILER]] The following are Hermés bought from a flipper:
Ahhh, so I suppose most are tied up in that case. We have all year to do taxes, but there's not a lot of rush as we don't see 30-50% of our pay because it's put straight towards taxes.
Oh, and I've been meaning to ask...where are some of the regulars around here? Eazy has only been posting once a week and I haven't seen Grendel around. What gives?
Welcome! Can't wait to see what you find!I have actually had the same "problem." When I show up after work at the few places that don't know me, a lot of people hold out their hand for my briefcase thinking I'm bringing a donation rather than shopping. One time, at the only place that prices things by category, I swear a woman marked something up on me. Every coat and jacket is €10, but when I brought one up there, she said it was €30. I said that I thought every coat was...
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