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We're up to 27 on the 2013 Thrift Thread Gift Exchange! There are still 5 more days to sign up for it!
Thanks!A good umbrella should be able to double as a cane Really though, if I happen to find one, I'll certainly let you know. I've come across a few in the past, though nothing terribly nice nor interesting. I check them all of the time as I love interesting cane heads, especially animals. I see a fair number of walking sticks, but I'll take a look around and see if something pops up!
Thanks! I bought it in the hopes that it was by SAB as I've wanted one for awhile. I'm confident that it is, but umbrella ID is far from my specialty. It looks like the Malacca to me, though the canopy is cotton canvas rather than nylon.
I'm reasonably confident that it would probably arrive at some point, I haven't had significant problems with drop shipments from China in the past. The seller has a relatively poor rating, mainly due to one product that doesn't always arrive, arrives broken, or arrives in a color other than what was ordered (some sort of LED speaker).I would like to do an item not received, but I think it's too soon to do that as it was ordered only yesterday. I can wait a few days and...
That was my assumption, that her goods were in Germany. In one of her messages, she says that she has to wait for the cargo.Not that any of this really matters, the situation stands that I bought a product that would be shipped to me relatively close and would arrive by the end of the week. This isn't the case and I feel it was misrepresented. If an item is on back order in from any company with an unknown ship date, is it not reasonable to cancel the order?I'm not sure...
They claimed they have 15 available, located in Germany. I bought it because of this fact and that it would arrive in a timely manner. Had I wanted to wait for something to arrive from China, I would have selected one of the other sellers that admits their item is located in China.The fact that the seller is Chinese himself has no relevance, which is why I said that. It's the deceptive practice that turns me off to it.What does your questioning of my motive bring to the...
I had been hunting for something like this for awhile. Happy to have found it before fall. [[SPOILER]]
I can assume that they last longer based on everything that I've read. I've wanted one from Swaine Adeney Brigg for quite awhile. I've handled some incredibly well-made umbrellas in various shops and you can feel the weight difference immediately between them and their "normal" counterparts. They open smoothe and are pretty taut when you lock them open. Like anything, you can surpass the value:cost ratio and then you're just in it for luxury.I hope not, though I'm worried...
Still working on getting pictures up from what I brought home, but I had a package waiting for me when I returned. Not a thrift, but I felt that I got a great deal on it. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for your advice, it's much appreciated!Haha, thanks, but I've been married for a few years now...but for some reason, this seller left me feedback that says: "We wish you a life long sweet marriage and happy life! ^ ^" Not only did they write it in English rather than German, but I have no idea why they'd wish me a happy marriage (or even how they know that I am). My wife laughed and understood it to be that they hope I find someone to marry.
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