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Quick update... I called ebay and they said that we're right and he's wrong. The woman said that it's fairly clear that he didn't read the description and that I should not, under any circumstances, return his money without receiving the shoes. She told me to write that I spoke with customer service and that they said he must return the shoes before any money can/will be returned and that if he needed clarification he can call customer service himself. I'm writing that...
Both great comments.Orgetorix: I like that idea, maybe that would satisfy him that he's going to get his money?VLSI: I kept repeating that to myself when I read his response that he was firm on not sending them back. I'm the seller ("retailer"), he's the buyer. That's how it works. I am fairly convinced he'll go through with sending them (simply based on his eloquence/job title), but I'm afraid something bizarre would happen. Something like they're lost in transit, then...
I had a guy open a case against me because the shoes didn't fit. They're UK sizing and I used an approximate EU size (required by ebay). The listing clearly indicated that they're UK sized, pictures were shown of the size and exact measurements of length/width of the insole were provided. Anyway, he said they were not as described and wanted a refund. In the name of customer service, I said that's no problem, just ship them to me and I'll issue you a refund of the...
Thanks, that was my thought as well.
Exotic experts out there, any way you could help ID whether this is real croc or embossed based on these pictures? No mention of the material on the item itself.
A couple of recent things...Zegna (didn't see the wear until I got home)ZegnaDolce & GabbanaChurch's custom grade. Less than perfect condition. [[SPOILER]]
Far better than a live snake in the mail.
Last year, my wife and I visited the US. I had the goal of hitting the thrifts along the way and paying for the entire holiday. I am still selling off things I found last summer and ended up paying for about 90% of it. This year, I'm paying for the entire trip from my thrift account and my budget is considerably larger.As anyone here knows, it's a lot of work to do this (if you're doing it right, that is), but it's great to see other people that have reached their goals....
Spoo, you're certainly doing something right when the people that buy your items are also the same that tell you congratulations when you take that money and buy a Ferrari. Well done once again! Keep up the good work and the customer service, it can be a valued rarity today.
I love all of the panamas that have been posted lately. I'm heading to Naples soon, so I'm going to try to find a new one.Here is a rather rare color (I think) for a felt Borsalino:In use:An older Homburg by Habig in Vienna. Can't seem to date it. [[SPOILER]]
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