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Ahh, read your post during world cup about being German and thought your recent finds had the € after the numbers. Come on over, you're more likely to find the Monet on this side Forgot about that. Hope everyone else on that coast is fine and well.Re: Goat. I'll grab some photos when I get a chance, but I have a variety of goat parts lying around. In fact, the traditional piece to keep in a green felt hat is a "Gamsbart," the beard of a mountain goat.
I couldn't believe how appropriate they were for fall. Found them at the "cheap" place, too, which rarely has stuff. PRL is an EU 50, Burberry is an EU 48, still not sure I can fit it.
Looks goat."Pete," clearly not his real name due to the quotation marks, should have a gallery somewhere. I'd like to see what else he has to offer.
California guys, @Fueco @barrelntrigger, @rayxlui, @Xenos, et al, everyone okay?
Oh, and @330CK, you've had incredible finds over the past 6 weeks. You aren't in Germany by chance, are you?
Thanks, Nat! It looks like you picked up a few nice pieces yourself!I got a few quick shots of a couple of jackets...Different Isaia. Anyone know "Rosario Isaia"? EU 50 and available.Alpaca & wool PRL CornelianiOld Zegna [[SPOILER]] Who's this fall-looking guy? [[SPOILER]]
This is THE beer of Italy. It's often more expensive than wine.
I've been reading in the background, but I've been 800-900 posts behind for the past month or so. I've finally caught up on everything. I opted not to quote all of the stuff that was incredible, but there were so many cool finds it's unbelievable. I didn't post as I kept thinking I'd be able to get caught up without problems. Time was scarce, unfortunately.I'm so far behind in getting all of my stuff from the last two + months photographed, it's really not even funny. I...
Congratulations, Nat!
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